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It was very pleasant to me to receive and read your letter
I was very glad to read your answers to questions which interested me
It was very interesting to me it is the nobility and to understand what do you think of it
I were very much admired with your letter and it was very interesting to me to learn your life much more
Than I could know about you observing your profile on a site of acquaintances
You very good man and I am very glad that I have dialogue with you
Today I visited that site of acquaintances on which we had our acquaintance
And long thought of that to finish the active search of the man on this site
I have decided to stop definitely on you and I think that it will be my correct choice
My search and dialogue with men on the Internet lasted about one month and for this time I met different men
To me I was very difficult to communicate with which many men met also opinion on them at me was not good
Many men which are on this site have only desire of trite entertainment and confuse me
you seem to me absolutely other man and your manner of dialogue is decent that pleases me
Yes... I understand that else I know you very little and probably I do not need to do hasty conclusions
But you seem to me very good man and my interest to learn you is very great more
now I wish to tell to you about that why I search for the man on the Internet and what exactly I wish to find
For me it is very difficult to have acquaintance to men in the city and to have acquaintances in cafe or in the street
I feel much better and easier on the Internet and I can be oneself not being afraid to seem silly or ridiculous
Probably you as can have interest to that why I had search of the man from other country
I will try to answer you to tell about it and to let to you know that that have turned my search for side-altars of my country
Many men of our city the Pine forest and as a whole our country of Russia have very loose way of life
And it is a lot of bad habits which only are injurious to their health
But it is the basic feature of character of the Russian man which does not please me and rejects my interest
I do not want that you thought of that that all men in Russia conduct such way of life
But it is the real fact which forces me to pay attention to foreign men
In my country many the good clever brought up and not having bad habits of men
But as it often happens they already have the companions of a life and it does not give possibility to refer with them
I are surprised strongly with a foreign manner of dialogue and a way of life that gives me possibility to have pleasant dialogue
For me as that the man searches for very important that on the Internet and that he wishes to receive from dialogue with the girl
I do not search for dialogue only to have entertainment!!!
To me it is very important that you could understand it and as did not search for dialogue with me only for the sake of an entertainment!!!
I wish to have possibility build serious relations which in consequence can to lead to serious feelings
Many speak me about that that dialogue on the Internet not seriously and it only an entertainment
But I so do not think also to me it seems that such dialogue gives possibility to learn character of the person is much better
Will address to the Internet for search of love to me one visitor of our beauty salon has advised
She told to me about that that her sister has found the future man thus
And now has happy marriage with it and lives in its country
Having listened to this girl I have seriously reflected on that to concern with the man from other country
now I am very glad that have met you and once again I speak to you about that that my search is finished
I am very interested by you and it seems to me that together we can have the serious future of our dialogue
For me it is very important how much seriously you concern dialogue with me?
what exactly is important for you in dialogue with the girl on the Internet? And whether you are ready to stop the search on me?
I ask you write to me please about it
I will wait for your letter