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Hi, how are you doing?

Thank you for your reply! I would love to talk by skype with you but
this is not possible now. The USA has switched this service for the
complete territory of Donbass (my region) because of the sanctions
against Russia and Putin. Excuse me, but i cannot use any hang out and
things like this. In the area where i live we have no mobile
connection and thus no mobile Internet as well. I can only communicate
with you through the email, i hope you do not mind?

I understand that you want to get to know me, i want to get to know
you as well! I guess this is time for me to tell you about myself
finally. My name is Anna Berketova.

I live in Ukraine, my town is called Lutugino. It is situated in the
East of my country. Yes, i am in the center of all this mess you
probably see on tv((( Yes, we have war actions still going on. But i
do not want to talk about sad things now! I want to talk about
pleasant things such as love))

My work, well, for the moment i have a temporary job as a saleswoman
in the clothes shop in the center of my town. I was studying to become
a nurse but my education was not finished for some reasons. But i got
a lot of knowledge by practice, working as a caregiver for elderly and
disabled patients. I loved my job because i liked helping people in
need and i also love listening to the stories of past times, and
believe me all these old ladies and gentlemen had lots of them))
Unfortunately with the situation here i didn't find work according to
my preferences, so now it is already several months i work in the

Well, i think it is more than enough of information for the
start! will surely tell you more if you wish to go on knowing me) I
hope to get to know you better too! Kiss, Anna
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Those are photos of a model named Alice Goodwin..