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Hello my new friend ! I'm glad that I received a letter from
you. In fact, it was exciting.. I didn't know if my letter would
interest you or not. You're probably wondering why I want to meet with
you closer? Even I can't give you the exact answer, I just feel like I
want to know you better, I see that we have something in common that
unites us and something different that creates interest in each other!
Do you agree?Thank you for your photo, look nice!

I was pleased to read your letter and know little about you! You are
very interesting to me. I want our communication not to stop and after
some time, we will know, maybe this friendly correspondence will grow
into something more!!! In love, relationships and maybe even
family!!!What do you think?

Now I want to talk a little more about myself. Like I told you, I grew
up and live in a small town. In my childhood I was a very happy child.
We were not very big, but strong family. Mom, dad, me and younger
brother Dmitriy. We always understood each other, supported in all
situations , spent a lot of time together. Now I live alone. For me it
is still a big stress, but about what happened I will tell in my next

From an early age I knew that when I'll grow up, I'll be a
hairdresser, so all my dolls were always bald ( I was just learning to
cut, ha ha, and it does not always worked out) When I finished school
I entered to the Institute of Culture and Arts. Now I work as a hair
stylist, I love my job, I am very big professional, really!! Tell me
more about your work too please? Your dreams in childhood?

I have a lot of work, that's why I have little free time for friends.
Unfortunately because of the war in the city, I don't get as much as
I'd like money, but I get great pleasure from what I do!!! And you
love your job?

I decided to try to look for a man from the Internet after my friend
married a man from Israel and now lives with him happily, so I decided
to try too! In any case, if I don't find love, I can find a good
friend! For me it is important to build a relationship on mutual trust
to each other, understanding and love! I want my man to be brave and
could always take care of me! I always will create comfort in the
house, will support my man in any situation, to appreciate and love.
So, how about you? Why do you look for your woman via Internet? What
do you want to see in your woman?

I'll look forward to your answer!

With best wishes, Anastasia.
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From: ""
To: Peter Zakrajsek
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2017 9:22 PM
Subject: Have good day

Hi dear friend Peter. I'm glad I received a letter from you again,
chat with you making some changes in my life for better. I'm more
laughing and smiling and distracted from the routine of life in a
military town, because life here is really not easy and your letters
bring me so much joy! I'm happy to meet you and I have a friend like

How was your day? I hope you feel good and healthy and have great

Today I was able to call my mom, I was so excited to hear her voice.
As I told you, this is a bad telephone connection and the connection
of the Internet. My mother now lives very far from me. It's a sad
story. When the war began, we, with my brother went to live in Kiev,
and my parents went to this time to Russia to Vladivostok, there live
my mother's sister-she is my aunt.

Parents found a job there and thought after the war to return home. .
But one day everything changed.. My mom called me in tears.. Dad
cheated on her with another woman. It was a big shock to our whole
family. I don't know why he did it.. My mother very difficulty through
a divorce, it was a lot of stress for all of us.. I don't understand
dad, and he broke off all communication with me and my brother..

For my brother, this period of life was also very heavy ,he was
drafted into the army and now he is in the anti-terrorist operation .I
am very worried about him, it's very scary. I live alone and can only
rely on myself, mother remained to live in Vladivostok, where's dad I
don't know.. So when she got a call today – I was very happy to hear
her voice.. Now I'm used to that I live alone and nothing will stop me
in this city, I want to create a family and to leave this town. ..
Tell me about your parents? How was relationship with them growing up?

What weather do you have now in your country? We have bright sunshine
and very very warm. I love this time of year.. I love the heat more
than the cold. Everything is blooming, birds are singing, it's
wonderful! What kind of weather do you love??

I'll wait for your answer. Hope you're not tired of my letter, it was
a little sad this time.