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The contact was initiated at the Muslims for marriage dating website where I received flirt for her and then we exchanged emails and started writing to each other. It started on January and after many emails we decided to meet in Rome. She asked money for issuing her passport , then for visa expenses and then for the air ticket. Before the meeting date I sent money 3 times via Western Union and recipient was Tatyana Lohmachova who was supposed to be the representative of the travel agency mirtyrisma ( - who would book the air ticket and do all the paperwork with visa and passport. First time I sent 400 Euro, the second time 106,5 Euro and the third time 270 Euro. I flew to Rome on 1st of May waited on the airport but she never came insisting that she lost her flight because she went at a different airport in Kiev. Then I sent her 100 Euro via MoneyGram to catch the flight the next day. She never came either, insisting that her ex boyfriend found her at the airport and stopped her from coming to Rome...We still keep contact but I'm trying to keep the person alive with no suspicion till I find a way to reveal this fraud and get this person somehow punished for this fraud.
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Below are examples of emails:

Good evening my dear Akis
thank you so much for your letter i am happy to receive it! how are you doing today? the weather here is a bit cold, in the morning it was -21. I miss sun and warm weather :)
And it was nice talk to you. But as for me i wish i could have the opportunity talk to you in person, that i was bale to touch you :) I am so much hoping we will find some solution and soon will receive a chance to see each other!
I agree with you that time is left not to long, so we should find a solution fast until the end of this month. And if you will help me to organize this trip, i will be do happy! because i by myself can not afford such trip, it is to expensive for me. We have really small salaries here, after this war the economic situation is really bad. Is it possible for you to help me with the half of the amount or maybe 400-500 euro? then could try to manage something with the other part of the cost.
Of course can give you contacts of the travel agency ( so you can talk to them and ask for al the details and al the information what do you want to know.
You also asked me for my personal details. My name is: Olga Astaskevich
My home address: post code 64300, Kharkiv region, city Izyum, Frunze street, house 18, flat 11.
Actually insurance is necessary requirements if i want to receive a visa. Ad of course i will need a visa, since Ukraine is not the part of Schengen zone. For Ukrainians to travel to most countries visa is required. And not only for US or Europe, but for many other countries also.
But do not worry, in the travel agency they will help me to organize all documents, that i could receive them fast and was allowed to travel to you. The only issue that i have to pay the for my trip to his travel agency, and i can not afford it, since it cost to expensive for me.
I so much hope we will find away how to organize all this and soon i will receive a chance fly to you! I will be so happy if we could meet! I am sure we will spend very romantic time with you! So after this maybe it will happen that we will not want to leave each other :)
I send you my kisses and waiting for your news

Hello my dear Akis
it is nice to see a letter from you, I hope that your day is fine?
I feel like with every day it is getting to be less time before our meeting. And i feel that this day is coming closer. I feel so much excited to see you! I can not get enough patience to wait when this moment will come, so i can see you and take you in my arms!
My dear, it is true that it is possible to take the flight from Kharkov. But the problem that it will be more expensive! Because there is no direct flight from Kharkov to Rome. The airport in Khakriv is small. So i will need at first fly from Kharkov to Kiev and then from Kiev to Rome. Actually it is the same as the details of the flight which you sent me.
But since you could help me only with the part of the cost of the trip, for me it is very difficult to find another part. And i am trying to save the cost. So to travel to Kiev on the train will be cheaper if i will take the airplane. Because if i will take the airplane, then i will need to have for travel expenses already not 200, but at least 300 euro with me to cover all the costs.
So what are your plans? will you help me pay for this way come to the airport? It is not so long time is left, so we should arrange something already now to be sure that by the day of my flight everything will be ready
I will be waiting for your news. And i so much hope all will be good and soon I will receive a chance to see you in reality! I am counting every day unit that moment!
I send you my kisses


Hello my darling Akis
I hope that you are doing okay there, I am writing to you from the Internet cafe as soon as i found such opportunity. I know that you are waiting for me and that you can feel worry right now about our meeting, and i feel here in the same way. My dear just now i have got an issue here. I came to the Kiev on the local station here. I took a taxi and asked to deliver me to the international airport. When i came to the airport, I went there inside the building, and then was trying to find the place where i can go through the passport and custom control. I found such place, there were many people staying waiting for their turn, so I joined them. when my turn has come, i gave a manager in the airport my passport, the reservation about my flight. They checked it and then they told that actually this flight is not from their airport, but from another airport! In the Kiev there are not one, but two airports, the one is Borispol airport, and the other is Zhulyany airport! It has appeared that when i took a taxi, i told a driver to deliver me to the international airport, and he brought me to the Zhulyany airport! But my flight was from another place, from Borispol airport! I do not know Kiev, i have been there maybe one time per life, so I did not know the right road to the airport, so when we were going on the taxi, i thought that we are going in the right way! and when i came to the airport, i did not look at the signboard on the name of the airport, i just went directly on the passport and custom control to check in before my flight! so i until they checked my documents even did not know that i am right now not in the right airport!
All this took a lot of time from me. After it has appeared that i am staying in the wrong airport, i immediately went out, took a taxi, and asked them to bring me to the Borispol airport. But they told that the time is too short already and there is simply no time to bring me there today until my flight!
My dear, but do not worry, i called to the travel company right now, and they told me that they can change for me the flight for the other available plane, for tomorrow. so i can fly to you, simply not today, but one day later! they told that I can stay this day and night in Kiev, i can go to the hotel here. and then i can fly with my next flight.
My dear only during all this trips on the taxi from one airport to another, i simply spent a lot of funds for these taxi, so right now there almost no left funds from those, which you sent me for the travel expenses. i suppose that to stay here in a hotel, i will need to take some funds from those, which i have for my financial security, as i understood i will have to pay together with the food around 100 euro. So tomorrow when i will take my flight, i will have not all the amount of these funds for the financial security, but around 100 euro less then it is necessary. i hope that we will be able to manage with all this, so i did not have any problems before my flight tomorrow, i want that this time all was good
My dear, i understand that this situation will make you feel worry, and i do not want you to feel like this. But we will be together, it is just a matter of one day. I also feel here right now not good at all, i am very tired, as i have been running all the day and it went not in that way, as we planned. So tomorrow i will do everything possible that all was fine and finally we could receive a chance to see each other, i am looking forward this moment

Hello my love Akis
for me it is very difficult to write you this letter, because I understand that you will feel very bad, and I do not want to make you to feel like this. I told you that i had relationship before with a man. This man was offered job in other city, it was Kiev, and after he went there, our relationship finished, as he have found some other girl to spend time with.
But this days when i was in the process of organizing our meeting, somebody of our common friends told to my ex-boyfriend that i have found a man from abroad and now i am flying to him to meet him. He became very jealous about it. He found out from my friends when exactly I will fly, from which airport and at which time. So today, when i came to the airport before the time of my flight, I met there my ex-boyfriend waiting for me. He started to shout, insult me that i cheat him and so on, he took away my documents which i was holding in my hands, threw it around, argued on me. I was trying to leave him and told that I need to go on the plane, and he did not let me go, i pushed him, he pushed me... Then the security in the airport have seen all this arguing and fighting, and they took us both to the police office. Long time we spent there. When i saw that the time before flight is extremely short and I need to run on my airplane, I agreed to pay the penalty for both of us, so they would let us free. But the time was already late and my flight has gone.
I really do not know what to write you now, I feel really very upset, i am crying already. I think that after all what has happened you probably will start to hate me. I really do not know what to do. I do not know if there is possible to find the right words what to tell you. I can imagine your feelings when our plans failed again. I just hope my feelings will reach you and you will understand that i have never wanted to make you feel bad