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Hi ! How is your mood?
Ohhh.. I apologize for the delay in my reply! I hope I did not keep you waiting for my letter ?
I thank you for your interest in me and our acquaintance! I also want to thank you for the photos, you're a nice, lovely man, I'm very glad to meet you! I'm glad that I was able to interest you and you are ready to start our communication! Do you want to talk on the phone? I will be very glad to hear your voice for the first time! I could call you, but for this, I need to know the time in which it will be convenient for you to talk to me , because I do not want to distract you from your affairs! I'm sure that now I have to tell a little about myself, I hope you can make a first impression of me!
As I told you, my name is Maria, I am 40 years old, My birthday is April 10, I will turn 41! Age is not important nowadays, do not you agree? I'm sure the age difference can not be an important factor in the relationship between a man and a woman!
First of all, there should be mutual sympathy, understanding and trust.
I'm a widow for about 11 years, my husband was killed while working, at the facility he was serving because of an accident that occurred to him. This was my only marriage in which my beloved daughter appeared, for her sake, I had to pull myself together after a serious loss. For a long time I was not interested in my personal life. I needed to provide and educate my daughter on my own..
I also realized that there are few men in the world who can be interested in a single mother.. But going through the thorns to the stars, with my perseverance, I was able to get a decent job and raise a good daughter of which I am very proud! I hope I scared you this ? By the way, how do you feel about children? Do not you be embarrassed that I have an adult daughter?
My childhood passed in a family of industrious and kind people, I have a twin brother, I was born before my brother for only 3 minutes, we often see and talk with him, my brother's son to study at the same institute with my daughter. My brother godfather is my daughter! My mother and father worked all their lives at the factory, where they met! My father passed away because of a serious illness with which he fought for a long time, when my brother and I were only 15 years old. I'm very interested in learning more about your family, do you mind telling me more? Do you often spend time with your friends or relatives?
I also have a hobby, for more than 10 years I have been creating various decorations for girls and women handmade, which bring me a small but stable income, income from my hobby allows me to provide for myself and several times a year to travel around the world! Do you like discovering new cities or countries? Do you travel often?
As I said right now, I'm in the UK (London) on my friend's birthday. I send you a video from the holiday, on it you can see me!
In a few days I will have to return to the US, St. Paul, to our company's office, in order to prepare a report on the contracts concluded. The company in which I work is engaged in greening of urban plots and private houses. It is my responsibility to sign a contract with the client to whom we provide our services. That's why I often visit different countries! Do you have an education? I'm very interested in learning about you and about your profession, about your work now and in the past ?! Tell me more? How often do you have free time?
During my life I managed to visit many countries, such as Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Great Britain, Greece, as well as many resort areas in which it was possible to bask in the sun ..
After living in the US for several years, I fell in love with this country and the people they live in. Tell me about your city? What are the sights in it? Your favorite places! I'm sure everyone has a favorite place where he likes to spend his free time alone with himself!
Initially, it was difficult for me to take the first step, but my daughter insisted that I start living for myself and meet someone who can interest me and let me believe that I can still become happy!
I come from the city of Obninsk (Moscow), but more often than not I am on trips around the world because of my work. Obninsk is a small town not far from Moscow. did you hear anything about him? This is a very beautiful place, especially in winter. In winter there is a terrible frost! It is very beautiful nature. I'm sure he could have liked you! I really hope that distance will not be a problem for us, because distance is only kilometers that can be easily overcome, there are many ways to get from one point to another in our time, right? I often go to other countries, and maybe sometime when I could get to you! The distance can not make any difference between two interesting people! I'm sure that distance can not interfere with anything, right? I'm sure you have the same opinion if you are determined to find a reliable and honest relationship! I am lonely and I want to find a good and reliable man who wants to build a serious relationship! A man whom I can fully trust, a man who can support me at a difficult time. I hope our meeting is not accidental, what do you think?
I think this is the first thing you wanted to know about me ...
Can you tell me more about you? About your interests, work, parents or children, about your past and thoughts about the future! I'll be glad if you send me more of your photos or videos! Just tell me why you are looking for an acquaintance on the Internet? How long have you been looking for love? What are you looking for in a woman? What do you expect from dating a woman? What are your plans for the future? I will be very happy if we can get to know each other with every new contact between us! I send you some photos of me and also video, I hope you'll be happy about it! On this I will finish my letter and wait for your answer! I'm sure our acquaintance is not accidental! I hope you can find free time to answer me as soon as possible, I'm really looking forward to it! Maria!

PS: I also wanted to remind you of the conversation on the phone, I'll be very glad to talk with you, but on one condition, I want you to send me your photo and also tell me as much as possible about yourself, for what would Could make a first impression of you and find with you a common, I hope you understand me! Kisss..