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Novorossiysk. Russia

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she wants to come to the US and had money to do it then her father stopped her credit card was stranded in Russia and now wants me to send money for tickets which I did and also now wants me to 2500 as money for embassy so she has money to come to the US.

She says she will give it back to me when she comes.
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Her name is Natalya Smirnova and I paid her 900 for plane ticket 3000 lots of money intransfer fees, drove to airport and she was a no show. Then she says that the customs officials took her stuff and she had to pay a 2400 fine to stay out of jail. Now she wants me to give her more money for visa travel. Such a scam says her father cut her off totally and controlled her money. And she left to starve in Moscow.
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Hello my dear Matt!
I am sorry that I can not write you early... But I had no such opportunity therefore that me have detained in the Airport because of my luggage. Me have not released from the Russia... I start to hate Russian laws and Russian customs house.
I looked the information on the Internet that it is impossible to take out the forbidden medicines, drugs, the weapon, icons, a coin.... I knew all this. But I did not think, what even it is impossible conduct jeweller ornaments in a gift!!!
Remember, I spoke you, that I carry gifts to you from mum and from me. I wanted to bring to you Russian souvenirs... Likely it was necessary to set aside better it in Russia. I thought to sell it... But I wanted to bring it to you. My mum has transferred you a ring which was carried by my great-grandfather. It very ancient and with jewels. And I have bought in Moscow in an old Russian bench an ancient dagger... It quite usual, but very beautiful with emeralds. Naturally neither on that, nor on another I did not have documents. At customs house to me have told that I have no right to take out precious metals and stones from Russia. Especially if I have no on them any documents. They have told, that I could steal it and try remove illegally abroad. I tried to explain to them, that its gift to loved to the man and I carry to him it in a gift. But they at all have not wanted me to listen they have taken away at me a ring and a dagger...
Then they have started to carp at me and to frighten of various articles. That the dagger is a knife... That it can be a cold steel. I could burst out laughing only above it. This dagger completely blunt! It has no sharp edges and it cannot be the weapon in any way!!! This jeweller ornament for a house. They even cannot be cut. I hate these people....
Approximately about a floor of hour there there were people from militia. As from me have taken a subscription about not departure the city of Moscow. To me recommended to use the lawyer. Also have told, that I should pay the penalty 130.000 Russian RUB or me can put in prison for 2-3 years. In a result... My ticket not has burned down, but me can put in prison. And I am not sure, that you will want help me. Me have let out today because I have agreed to pay the penalty. I had no other exit how to pay from money which were for a customs minimum. Otherwise I am threatened with prison. I so do not want that my father knew about all these problems. If he finds out, that I have gone to you and me have detained in militia... That me can put in prison he will be very malicious. he will speak again, that I silly... he very much is afraid for the reputation. If he finds out, that me can put in prison he will think, that I have dishonoured his name.
But I am glad, that I could exchange my ticket. Due to that I have arrived earlier at 3 o'clock to the airport and has gone to hand over luggage in a customs department up to a start there was time. With cash departments have helped me and have found the person, ready to take off a next flight in the your country. Therefore tickets have remained accessible to me. It is a pity, that they have taken away a ring and a dagger. I could sell it... You do not represent, as my mum now will be upset!!! She so wanted that this ring was carried by my beloved and future husband. I am afraid, that I shall not speak her it... I do not want to upset her. As I do not want to speak about this situation to my father. My ticket is valid... And I shall try then to find money for customs house.... I shall not surrender and come back home. Dear Matt, I did not know that can be so difficultly to depart from Russia in the your country. I did not think at all that this way can contain so much dangers.
I do not know, that to me to make.... It is very a pity to me, that I could not expect this situation and avoid it.
I shall wait your answer.
Yours Natalya with love
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Here is another sample of prose: Better written..
Dear Matt! I have already answered your question many times... I even wrote a reply to your question personally,
on paper and photographed with her. If you don't believe me, I don't know what else I can do.... you don't believe
in the fact that some fathers can be very confident? They may try to impose their opinion to their children? Because
they believe they have lived life and know much more... But my father is. If you are the other father of your children,
then I'm happy for them. I am the only child in the family. And the father always tried to control me. I told you about
it, and it wasn't for you secret. So I don't know what you don't believe it. What I am Smirnova Natalya??? But then how
would I get your money??? If I was a scam, then I long have you ceased to write to you... I don't know, how can I still
prove that I told the truth. It seems to me that I can't. I repeat... if you don't believe me, come to Moscow in the
next 2 weeks and you will see with your own eyes.....
Yours Natalya
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Dear Matt! All day today I try to call relatives and friends. customs officials took my stuff and I've made peace
with it. Messed up that they put on me fine I had to pay immediately. Otherwise it would be a bad story for my visa.
Therefore I have now again to look for the amount customs minimum. The Embassy went to a meeting and they will extend
my visa, tickets as well affordable as I moved it. I apologize... I am so sorry to you that you came to the Airport
and waited for me. I don't know why you have not received my letter. I have written to you immediately, when they left
me. Well, how was I to know that they will check so my Luggage?! I'm not carrying a bomb there..... It's so unfair
that I give up out of frustration... Most annoying that I can't affect it. I consulted a lawyer. Customs law is very
large and it is impossible to know the common man. But the law is made so that customs officials may prohibit the
removal and to impose a fine on any thing that may cause them
suspicion. I love you... and I apologize for late. I'm not going to give up and I search for a way to arrive to you.
Yours Natalya