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hello, dear !

It's so good to meet you! I'm glad to see the letter after our little taking in another site. How is your day going?

For the beginning i just want to say that I'm just a simple woman who is looking for a Man. A real woman for a real man! is it you i'm looking for? ))
Thank you for your so nice letter! It's ok about your English, I understand you good even if I also don't so know it good.
I guess it's a very beautiful country! Yeah?) I understand you about women but not all of them are so! Don't think like that.
I see that you are a nice man who is taking care about his health and that is really important!) But tell me what is it svilupe? I didn't understand that.)
What about skype and so on that you say, unfortunately I don't have them because my better phone broke and I have to use old one that is like retro, can take and do callings. But that's nice that you can be here! For me it is the best.)

What about me more, I live in the new Bavaria. It is in the suburbs of Kharkiv, Ukraine) I like it with its so many green trees.)) Tell where do you live exactly? I do think your city is very beautiful! Yeah? )

You know, everything comes the right way and to the moment when calm happiness and true relationship becomes much more important than anything else in our lives ... I think I came to this moment, and you?

I am romantic, supportive and tender woman who takes care of happiness of my own family. I don't like when people can't keep their promises and lie. I try to speak with people who are at first polite and honest, disciplined and strong, who always help in any situations that can be in out lives.

What about a light in a lifetime, kids, then I will tell you that have a daughter. All my life and my happiness. She is 3 years old and her name is Sofia. And now tell me what do you think about the children? Do you love them? ))

To tell you about my work, then I am a master of manicure and I love my job! it brings me not only money, but i enjoy making people happy! )) Do you enjoy your work? ))

I really hope to find the missing piece of my heart. My love with who I could feel myself very happy and be myself without changes. A true love that would be mutual. Do you agree with me? :)

Any way, I think that all is not so difficult how can be at first look. At first all we need is to find loving soul and then from some time start support and take care in you any situation.

So whatever be answer me if I'm still interested for you! And then who knows what will happen..will see)

have a good day
Olga !!
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Olga has a profile on Cherry Blossoms website, where I sent her a Smile, then to personal email correspondence.
s biolife2007 a company phishing for info for money?
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My name is Paul I'm from the United States. This woman Olga I met through Mingle2.
I'm curious about your report, your report of her being a scammer, a fraud. You have shown me no evidence of this, But yet you report it as being so. What is your evidence? Where are the letters showing that she has asked for money?
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Hello, dear John!
Thanks for your writing me back so soon! I wish to be with you too!
I'm glad that you had a really good time with friends but really? Yesterday you had a moon cross the sun? That was so great I guess! Yeah? Do you have maybe few photos of it? 

Thanks for your support but you know.. I really don't have anyone to help me.. no one.. but to be with this problem alone is really so difficult...if you would help me just with some to make me happier, I would be very much thankful to you! As it is my life..I'm afraid to be sick of not eating enough.. You know, we talk not for few days, I trust you and even give you my heart..but I just in perplexity..really don't know how to be and what to's very serious and sad situation...but if you leave me with it.. I would be really very disappointed..

But any way I wish you all good and happy Olga