Scammer Natalia Kobzhytska Natasha

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
54 Topolina street
Cute only

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Many beautiful photos, emailing messages, what's to meet with her to fly to myself. Won't talk on phone, Skype etc, here is one of her emails for financial support for visa, flights that I have read the same type of email on another scam website.
Hello my sweet, my good man Clint!
My honey, I want you to understand that I want to see you, because I have great trust and feelings for you, I understand that you are the same man that I dreamed of, I want you to be with me, that we had a relationship! I want to become only your woman!
For me, it's a great joy that I have you!
My honey, I saw that you called me, I just was busy, could not answer you, I'd be happy if you call me again and we could talk)
I want a fire of love and passion to burn between us, so that our relationship will bring us great joy and we could always enjoy each other! I understand that this will all be between us, it remains only to meet to be together!
My love, my soul, I got all the information about what and how I need to do so that I can fly to you in Brisbane.
In the international department of my institute, I was given a list of documents for the flight to Brisbane:
1. Visa. Its price is 226$
2. Insurance. Its price is 43,50$
3. Small expenses for preparation of documents for visas, copies, seals, photos. 21,14$
4. Tickets. Price 1393$
If I pay for the full package of documents (1683,64$), then the visa will be ready in 14-21 days.
My honey, my institute will make all the documents for me so that I can meet you! For them, it's easy, I just have to pay everything to start preparing documents, especially since I already agreed with the dean, she gave permission, and I bought her wine and sweets for her to give this permission.
But my honey, I have no money to pay for this, but if you are ready to help me, then I can be with you already in June and enjoy our meeting, for me it will be a great joy to be with you, to be around and embrace you!!
My angel, can you help me pay for these documents?
I will wait for an answer from you, because I need to give an answer here, whether I will pay all this so that they will start preparing my documents.
I'm really looking forward to our first meeting! And I miss you)
Waiting for an answer!
Your Natasha