Scammer Rose Anthony Rose22234

40 / 11/29/2017
Dublin, Ohio - USaA
Dublin, Ohio

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This Dumbass like so many others say the same thing. after a very short period time, within the two weeks I was speaking to her, she started referring me by pet names, expressing her un-ending desire to be with me and swears that she loves me and wants to be with me. This was done in a matter of 3 days after opening a dialogue with her. Then she proceeded to tell me that she needed me to send her $300 so that she could buy a new phone because the one she was texting me with wouldn't make phone calls because something was wrong with it. Despite asling numberous times, I was not given the option of Skyping, or communicating with me although she did call me on a Google voice number 614-219-9840, that the connection was so crappy that after a few moments, she disconnected and said something thru text that her phone keeps doing that and so she asked again for $300. I asked her about that and her response was "I don't want to argue about it as I have other things to deal with"

So to prove she was a lying scammer, I asked her about her place of business that she alledges she is a store manager and the place she mentioned is in the UK, not the city she claimed she lives in as I know the city and no such place exist, so in asking her about that, she back peddled and got tripped up in her bullshit so I said enough is enough and blocked her everywhich way from Sunday and am now reporting her dumbass. Fellas, be ware. they are ALL liars from the site