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I think I must tell you some fact about me before we continue our communication..
I really do not know what to start with.. I have never used the Internet for such purposes,
but now decided.........May be we really need to try something.. I will not forgive myself
if we do not:) and ok I was born in Enakievo it is Donetsk region, after I live in Donetsk
have you ever heard about this city??? I think yes and now it's even worse - it's a war here..
I can not tell you that I love this city, and surely if i had opportunity I would leave it .
What can I tell about myself.. I am 34 years old,I have a son - Nikita, lovely boy:
( He is my best friend:) My Nikita is 6 years old and he is finishing first grade) I hope that
it is okaay that I am with a child? I want to be honest from the very beginning and if it is a problem
for you I will give up:)
I was married and But a few years ago I divorced. My ex spoiled me with beautiful life, he had
business, Buy when I was pregnant with Nikita , I noticed he became indifferent to me.. Instead of being
at home, he delaid "in the office", sometimes even didn't stay at home at nights.. In the morning he came
and tried to compose some story that he was delaid by some business or some his friend had Birthday party..
It was more and more often. After Nikita's Birth nothing has changed, even became worse. He didn't
help me, wasn't at home at all and he was totally indifferent to his little son.. I was tired, sleepless
as every young mother, but he didn't attempt to help, just yelled he couldn't sleep too and HE was tired..
It appeared as I got to know later that all this time he deceived me with my girl "friend"..
Since that time I decided to delete half of my friends from my life... And him too.. Now I'm sure glad
I escaped from such "friend" and such "husband", but then I felt broken I did not want to live.
But I could not give up, cause I had the only one little creature who needs me - my son.
And my mom too, she supported me very much morally that time. I have been living with her and
Nikita since that moment ..Now I feel rather better and forgot about the nightmare that happened
to me with my ex. Now we do not communicate, he even does not want to see Nikita - very strange
father's attitude to his son. May be in future he will want to renew the relations with him,
but he will not want..I will not let it, because he missed his chance to be a father forever.
I can't and I don't need forgive such things.

So I decided to start a new life. When Niki grew a little, I found a job at supermarket,
I worked as a cashier, later I've lost my work because of the war...Now I have found a job
in social service.. Not that good, but I have no choice, I need to take care of my son, I need to
live further anyway..I want to find my new love) I hope that you will help me with this.

my sweety thank you for your wonderful photo. You are so attractive man.

Please tell me about you. Your family, your goals, what are you living for)
I am finishing here) Hope to hear from you soon)take care Oksana