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Hello !

I hope this day is nice for you and you enjoy the communication with
me. I am happy to introduce myself to you. I was born on February, 12th, 1988.
I work as a hairdresser. I do enjoy the occupation as I like helping women
look nice, I also do haircuts for men but I enjoy this less… I adore dying hair
and always try experiment with mine.

I like my long hair and take good care of it… Sadly I do not have a lot of clients
in my town of Rubizhne, it is Ukraine, Luhansk region.
People are mostly involved in agriculture here and
have little spare funds to care of themselves but I try to survive and always offer
discounts or partial payment for my clients.

I do not have my own camera and take it from work from time to time. It is a good
camera and when I have someone to help me with the photos the images come up perfect
but I do not know properly how to use it so some photos are not distinct but I hope
you like them anyway….

I never had parents. Of course someone gave me this life but I mean that I have never seen them.
I lived all my life at the orphanage. These were hard days but I managed to survive. I tried to
find my parents but never had luck in it. Anyway I value family a lot and believe to create my
own one day

How do you spend your spare time? As for me i like cooking, jogging and sewing.
Ah! I have almost forgotten to introduce my doggy Kusachka to you. She is my roommate and
best friend. I found her in the street 2 years ago and we are always close with her. I
adore walking her and making her nice clothes. I live in a hostel room and it is hard to
keep pet here but I simply can not live without Kusachka, do you like animals?

I have been married, now divorced, I do not have any children. I believe to meet my
true love and create nice and united couple.

I hope my English is clear for you as I write you on my own from the Internet cafe and
believe we share nice communication.

I can not use whatsapp as I do not have a phone.

I do not have a computer at home to use Skype;(

Have a nice day, Nata.