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Hi .
I'm sorry that I have some delay in answering you, I had a lot of work the last several days and now I have more free time. It is so unusual to receive a letter from a man who is many kilometers away. From a complete stranger for me, but maybe someone who could one day become quite close. And that's my main goal, I don’t want to hide it. I want to build a serious relationship with a decent man, I wish that it become the beginning of my new life. So, a little about me. You already know that my name is Katya (full name is Ekaterina). My age is 28 years old. I hope that my age is not a problem for you?

I live in a country located on the border between Europe and Asia, the country Azerbaijan Republic. I'm not sure that could hear about this country, anyway, I'm going to tell you more about my country in my next letter. I work as an faintness instructor at small fitness club in my town.

To get your contact, your e-mail, I contacted the specialized international dating agency, branch of it’s located in my town. This dating agency is in a constant exchange of contacts of people looking for a soul mate, between different sites on the Internet, newspapers from different countries and the same dating agency’s. I just came into the office of this dating agency, told them that I want to find a lonely man from another country, pay them a little money, and they gave me several e-mail’s of men who are lonely. At first they created for me another e-mail, and you received my first letter from that another address. And you answered me. And now I write you with my personal e-mail, which only I absolutely control and be sure about confidentiality. I hope that this dating agency does not deceive me, and you're really lonely and looking for a serious relationship? Otherwise, I'll go back to that agency and demand a refund.

I hope that you and I can continue our dialogue and continue to get to know each other better. Who knows, maybe it will lead us to a more serious relationship. This is my letter will not be big, as I just want first of all understand if you have interest to all this? To conversation with me and developing relations. I think that by your next reply I be able to understand that. You can write me not a big letter, I will be glad to see even if it would be only a few sentences from you in your next letter. And if I see your further interest, then I will write you more about me, my life, my country and my purpose in life.

At the moment, I can only offer you a communication on the Internet by e-mail, as for me it is the easiest way. I understand that in the future, after our relations will be developed better, we can have other options of communication such as the telephone.

I’m looking forward to your answer.
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