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So hello, my honey !I am happy that you are here with me! You
know that for me it is really important because I want be happy! So
maybe you are my man! I dont want ideal man but I need someone who
will love me with all kind and deep soul!) Thank you so much for your
great answer and for your photo! I think your English is good because
I understand all what you told!) And I dont think that it can be a

So dear I will tell you more now...I think it will be hard because I
have never tried it... I cant see you and your eyes..But I try because
you are really important for me!) First of all I was a good student so
I can speak English and little German! I dont need any agency to
correspond with you I made this decision myself.. I mean to find my
love in another country because men in my country are so stupid! They
all want only sex! So I dont have luck in my search here(((But I hope
you are my chance be happy!)Lets start?

My name is Anna. I live with my sister.I am from Ukraine!I live near
the sea and my little village is called Sedovo! The resort village
Sedovo located in Novoazovsk district, Donetsk region of Ukraine. I
love my birth place but I want to relocate because I wish to be happy!
I am a usual and normal girl!)

Then...What I want tell you...Hmmm..I have a lot of friends and we
love each other!))) I love fun and I need someone who love the
same!)Is it you???Honey , I hope you like to read books! I love
adventure novels...Maybe one day we can sit on the sofa and read
something like "The count of Monte Cristo")))Or maybe you will prefer
something else???)Tell me please so we can discuss it!)

So I am working at grape plantations! I love my job and I love the
smell of a good wine... But only just smell because I'm allergic to
alcohol))When I drink alcohol I feel so bad))) But I want to be a
doctor! I have started my education in Donetsk Medical University
before the war has started there and would like to continue my
studies! I hope that my future husband will support me in my decision
to continue my education!)

So... You know I want to tell you about my family... I have my beloved
sister ! Her name is Nina and my family is my sister only! Because our
parents died when we were so small(I was 8 and she was 2 years old((We
dont remember them...And our Grand mother Olga grew us up... But she
died two years ago! And we are alone now... My sister found her love.
Her boyfriend Sten is from England...And they will relocate there
soon! And I will stay here alone(

Ohh honey I forgot to tell you... I am a good housewife! I love the
perfect clean and tasty dinner!)And I can bring warm and comfort into
your life... Maybe you are looking for someone like me!)

So, honey, I will be waiting for your answer... I am afraid that you
may not answer but I hope you will!) I am here for you, my dear!) I
use the Internet cafe because we don't have Internet connection at
home!Our village so small for it((( But I hope it doesn't scare you...
to have a usual girl!)