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My dear Mariya

how are you today?

My dear, today for you my letter is not filled by a positive as I tried to

do always, apparently, that have broken me today half-and-half, have exploited

me and then have still crushed feet... Animals. As they could... I long gathered

with forces to write you the letter, you do not represent as it hard,

I feel as if my future has died. It so is awful, but I still believe,

that is possible at us with you there is a chance fortunately.

My darling Mariya you now read the letter and do not understand

that here has occurred to me in Moscow. All is awful.

Well, I will try to explain well to you all.

As I wrote to you in we sing last letter, we already know date of ours with

you meetings, and today I only have gone to receive my visa that at customs

at the airport in Moscow and at your airport

Malpensa, there were no problems

and as you understand without it I I can not simply take off...

I have issued my trip, it is standard as the tourist, and today in agency

to me have told that the embassy requires acknowledgement of my solvency in your country,

they should be assured, that I take off from the country with enough of money that could eat,

live, use transport, and other most necessary needs for a life, within a month of my stay in your country...

I hope, that you understand, I now in a difficult situation, they have

informed that I need to have 1500 euros

, That to me have given out the visa, differently I cannot leave Russia...

It has very much upset me today, and I hardly find in myself forces to write

this letter, I thought, that on tickets my expenses will end, but alas are not present...

What to me now to do my dear Mariya? From me does not remain other choice,

only to ask the help at you, I am powerless, I worry, that there was not enough time

to my start now. And we with you destiny and a meeting depends only on your decision.

All in your hands, but I on you hope, that you will not throw me here one.

I will wait for your answer... To me have really blocked oxygen, and do not

allow to look at the sky. I hope, that you will understand in what condition of a panic I now.

I ask you as soon as you will read my letter answer me more likely.

I love you.