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Hello !
How are you?
Nice to see you) nice to read from you)
Unfortunately have problems with internet connection and everything can propose is only email for now. Hope to
solve this question later)
It is cool- yes? this correspondence thing))) as if we are in middle century)))
Are you quite modern person?
Cause i am not. I don't understand behavior of modern youth much. I can't stand when teenagers swear, i don't
understand when young girls make lips and breasts, trying to sell themselves more expensive, you know. Is there
the same in your country? or it is only ukrainian being? I am after everything natural.
sorry, letter is not about this)))
This is about me. and who i am searching online.
Searching for reliable, honest, romantic man, with who will be always interesting, warm and sure. you know? i
don't need one night love. I want one life love!
About this question i am more flexible as i never judged people by their appearance. What i want
to see in my man is the most important- he to be neat and smell good)
Also my dream man must attract me sexually. But this also doesn't depend on appearance and measurements.
What woman attract you?))
write me as soon as you can.
Comment #142491
Hi, this is your very tired, but very happy future wife to be! Alisa. happy-because i found you in my life
and big miracle such as belief! tired because all these days i am still working much, and will be working tomorrow
also. I am a little bit upset, because i would prefer to spend this time with my family, preparing dishes, as you
know how much i love cooking! but i also like my job, and i really want to earn some additional money, and New
Year is a perfect chance for this, so i can't miss it. Besides, i can't leave my dear clients, as they believe in
me and need me, so i will be working hard. These days i do many different beautiful hair cuts specially for
holidays. It is very interesting and inspiring, but hard. It ia hard to explain, one day i will show you one of my
work which took me three hours))) But woman was very very happy and beautiful, so it was worth it)
I am pleased to read about your Christmas celebration, and thanks for telling me more concerning food, which is
traditional there, and which is not acceptable for you. As for me, i like pork, it is very traditional in Ukraine,
though i could live without it, of course. In past hungry times we didn't see pork for years, as the cheapest was
always chicken. So, i know for sure i can live without pork))) Besides, i guess it is not that tasty in
Johannesburg as it is in Ukraine...I think i saw something about it on TV... Because in Ukraine it is really
traditional food and farmers know how to raise the best pig ever))
you know? i have a dream now- to listen you singing church songs)) I think it will be so amazing!)))
As for other couples, you mentioned...i see many not happy couples too and of course it makes me worry sometimes.
I must admit, that truly happy couples who saved their love for many many years still exist too, but they are
quite rare. But the main for me- they exist! and it means that it is possible, and believe me, i will do
everything to make you happy! i love you very very much, you are my soul mate, you are my destiny! i understand
that sometimes it will be hard, but i think you know my character- i never give up too easy))) so, i am sure we
will be that rare couple, who will be shown to children as example of true pure and everlasting love)
Ok, my love, have to run....i congratulate you on coming new year, i know it will be our year and it will bring
much much happiness to us and dreams coming true. I am very happy and inspired! i don't know if i will have time
to write you tomorrow, so i am congratulating you now and sending you my sweetest kisses!
Forever yours,
Comment #142492
Don't give her any money for travellers cheques or for immigration visa.
Alisa (alias Svitlana Semkina) indicates that she is from Creatia in Ukraine. However this information is not proven.