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Hello !!!

I'm so glad that you wrote me back! I crossed my fingers and
waited for your reply and paying attention on my questions
too:-) I think this is a start of good relationships:-)
let me tell you also some more about myself as I
think that's not fair. So I'm rather an easy going, kind and
probably funny person. I'm not too young as for a woman
since I'm 29 years old. So I'm absolutely fine of our age
difference. My Birthday is at 7 of May. I'm rather small and
slim as my height is 1.67m and weight is 50 kilos.

My native country and the place I live is Ukraine as you
know. I was born and raised here in town called Beloye which
is on the East of the country. However, my parents moved to
the village from here, so I live alone now.I like my country but it's just sad
to watch whatever politics turned it to.

My work is also one of my hobbies. I'm fitness instructor.
However, it's still not so easy to earn much...well, at
least it's enough for my primary needs, but I don't even
look for more.

No, I don't have any chat program. Since I don't have my own
computer and borrow it from my friend, I think it's useless.

your English is fine. At least I understand you. I
hope you can understand me. I just learnt English when I was
at school many years ago. However, I was a good pupil in
this case:-) I just need to mention that I borrowed a
computer of my friend, so that's why I can't write just
whenever I can. However, she is not a greedy person:-)

I should tell I'm intrigued right now and I'll be waiting
for your letter.

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