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Miss Bisa bliss William

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Thanks for your response
Let me properly introduce my self by telling you a little about me.

My Full Name is : Miss Bisa bliss William
Profession :Medical Doctor
Country of Origin:United States
Province / State: TN - Tennessee
Place of Birth: Athens
Age (32 years old)
Height: 175 cm - 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight: 55 kg - 121 lbs

That is all about me,I also want you to tell me about your self so
that we can get to know more about each other before we proceed
I must say i like a relationship with respect love and caring but with
that fire to keep it burning.... things have to be intense and at the
same time peaceful in the way that one respects the other Individual.
I love pleasing and being pleased, I like equal relationship
rather than being submissive or dominating.

I like men with strong personality, but all in peace, no war, no
games. Communication is absolutely essential, to my mind the better a
couple communicate, the better the relationship will be. Understanding
each other's needs and caring and respecting them.

Understanding the other's limits and boundaries. And growing which is
so important. I believe and also have the feeling that in today’s
world, neither race, nationality nor religion will posse a barrier to
male/female relationships. Although, we do not know each other too
well but I will really like to have you as a friend

Currently i am Medical Doctor by profession as i said above, I work
with St Elizabeth Health Care here in US,sometimes i am in UK to
support our branch there in United Kingdom,I am also a French
nationality,My mum is from France why my dad is from US, Who knows, i
can visit you some day if i have vacation and God almighty permits.

I am sending some of my photographs to you and i am also sending the
one with my colleagues at the hospital where i work,tell me more about
your self and send some few pictures
I will be sending you my mobile telephone number as soon as i hear from you
Bisa Bliss
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Dear love,

I am so sad here and this is the time i need you most, I would have love you to come to UK for helping me in things here, But i dont know if you can make it to come, Baby i have to look for time to come write you because you are my life, My husband my everything, You have proved to me that you care about me, And i am ready to do anything in this world to make you happy,

I thought it wise to quickly inform you about the update about me, I just discovered that my daddy has 7.5 million dollars and Gold in a bank outside our country, He deposited the amount years ago when he was still working in the US Army, He also left a letter that the cash will be released to me when i am ready to get married or when i am married, I have spoke with the Bank this morning after i saw the files in my late father,s files days ago, So now as my husband to be i want you to quickly contact the bank as my husband and demand for the release of the funds,

I need you to do this with love and also i trust you and i believe that you will not betray me or run away with my inheritance, You are my best friend my husband my brother my all in all, i am so comfortable telling you this because i know that you will not let me dawn,

So my love, i want you to quickly contact the bank and ask for the release and transfer of the cash to your bank account in Indonesia as your wife demands,

i will drop the email address of the bank for you in the mail once i hear from you, All you need to do right now is to write a mail and indicate that you are contacting the bank on behalf of your wife Mrs Bisa Bliss, the only child of late MR BENSON BLISS, write that you want them to process the transfer of the balance cash and Gold of late MR BENSON to your account in your country, also tell them that your wife will be relocating to join you because she just lost her mother,

Just write them that, i have already contacted them and told them that My husband will contact them that they should treat you with respect, Please my love i do not want anybody to know this for now, You are my life, i can not keep any secret from you never,

I hope you understand, without wasting time as soon as you receive this mail contact the bank and ask for the release, Please my love do not joke with this transfer because its our life and future we are talking about here, this is the time for us to live a happy life, i know that my mother was not supposed to die, But she has been sick for long and its good she go and rest,

she will be buried tomorrow evening, Service of song will start in the morning from the church to the cemetery where she will be led to rest. i need to hurry because here in the UK if you have unpaid tax you can not do any burie ceremony, I need to rush and pay about 2.500 pounds from my card to the Government for our old tax, So that the ceremony will hold, i will plan to relocate to you,

But we need to do a court marriage here, we need a marriage certificate,we need it to work out all your papers, We have to use a lawyer here to get your UK passport and US passport, Incas after i have relocated to you we both can visit US and UK any time we like,

I will send you the details of the bank and the location after i hear from you,baby let me hear from you urgently,

yours love forever Dr bliss,