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Comment #135800
Hello Gregory!!!
I am very glad again to receive your answer! Thank you for that. Each your letter
gives me more confidence in the development of our relations. This is a very
makes me happy. I want to write more often, but I have no such opportunity.
All the time I spend at work
and with my family, so I don't spend time on the Internet and I'm not on social networks.
But in the future if our relationship will develop
then I'll connect a new mobile operator for Slovenia
so we can not expensive to have the conversation.
I hope you're not angry because of this and will continue communication with
me!?!? We should get to know each other better. In this letter I want
to tell you about their city. You also tell me more about your
town! My city is called Saint Petersburg. This is a very
big city. Through my city flows
the river Neva. My city is beautiful. Many parks, theaters and cafes. All summer
blooms, lots of flowers, trees, it is very beautiful. I can a lot
to tell about the city, but I want to talk about our relationship. My
the city is very beautiful and lovely, but there's no (very little) worthy
men. Most men don't respect women at all. Russian men
believe that a woman has the right to their own opinion, not entitled
nothing. They don't respect women at all. I want next to me was
a man who respect my feelings, my opinion. Whatever he asked
my advice. And insulted me. That's why I went to the Internet
Agency for Dating. That's why I wrote you. I think you
the kind of man I need. I wrote to my friend Anna. Anna
met my husband via the Internet. She went to France and
married. This is Anna advised me to go to the Agency for
Dating. She now lives in France and very happy. She told me
he said that foreign men are very different from Russian. You
respect women?!?! I think that Anna is right. I really like
to communicate with you. I feel that you are very nice and sociable
Man. I'm starting to feel a connection between us. I want to know you
better. I want to meet with you to get acquainted on the present.
I am 29 years old, I think it is time to start to create your own
family. I'm accumulating money for a long time, and now I have enough of that
would have to travel. I don't want to rush things. But that would be to meet you
and get to know each other requires a personal meeting! We should meet
and chat face to face. Of course I would love to chat with you in Skype
but on my computer no camera. I have the most common and simple computer.
Now in Russia the economic crisis and everything is very expensive,
so I don't want to spend money on a camera, because I had been saving for a long
time travel and if we decide
what I have come to you to meet, I wish I had enough money.
I can come to you for that! You
think about it? I can come to you for a while and if we
like, I can stay. But if we don't want to, then I'll go back to
Russia! Or are we back to Russia with you. Do you agree? It
a very serious step for me. Let's talk about this later. I think
what is important in a relationship of trust and mutual understanding. Man
the head of the family is indisputable. But he should consult with his
woman. I hope you understand what I write??? Or a bad translation
Russian language ??? Write me! I already wrote to you that I
live with their parents. My mother cooks very well. It
gave this skill to me. I do very tasty meals.
I have a talent. I have a dream. I want to tell you. But you may
not tell anyone ))) I want to open
own a restaurant or small cafe !
If our relations will develop,
maybe I'll come to your country and we will open their own business.
What do you think about this? This is my dream. If
the dream will become real - I'll be happy. When I arrive to you I will
to cook the food for you. You'll be very surprised. I'm a real cook.
Write me your thoughts. I'm going to wait your next letter.
Comment #135801
I hope you're well and send you their greetings :)
I didn't have time earlier to write
you. I am very glad to receive and read your letter. Your letters give me
confidence in the future. I would like to write you every day, but
unfortunately I do not have the opportunity. I hope you understand and do not
offended.How are you doing? Maybe soon we will be able to communicate every day
face-to-face?!?! Although I'm a little afraid. I'm afraid to fall in love with you, but not
to obtain reciprocity. I want to be honest with you. I am very glad
my life you came along. You are very close to me in spirit. I feel that you
a great fit for me. I find it very easy to communicate with you. When I
write you a letter I have this strange feeling inside like I'm familiar with
you for so long. I told my friends about you. They are very happy for
me. They are sending greetings to you. I very much hope that our with you
relationships can develop into love. What do you think about this? At
e-mail is impossible to fall in love! But if I arrive to you, you
could fall in love with me? I like you to be honest?
Today I saw a bad situation for expensive. Now the roads a lot of cars.
I saw a car hit a woman on a pedestrian crossing.
The driver didn't even stop and drove on!
I ran up to the woman and wanted to help her up.
But then he saw that her leg was broken. It is very terrible.
Ran people. And quickly called an ambulance. I waited
the arrival of the ambulance. As the police arrived. I testified and
went home. Nowadays, you need to be very careful. Now
the roads are a lot of drunk drivers. This is a very scary and dangerous. I am very
glad I now have you. I want to make all the documents for
travel and arrive to you. I don't want to rush things. But I want
that would be all the documents were ready. I wish that I could come to you
at any time when we decide it is. I dream about our meeting. And I'm so
dream as we with you we will work together to manage their own
restaurant. Or maybe own a bakery? Or perhaps a shop
children's toys? What do you think about this? What do you think? Write me.
I am very waiting for your answer to this question.
I really dream about our meeting. I love to dream.
What's your dream? write me. How do you like to relax? I love
listen to the music. I love to chat, but I do not love noisy companies. I
love to play Billiards. But I don't often go to the pool because
it's full of drunks. I love nature, I love fishing. In summer I go
fishing with my Dad. He even has his own boat. And of course I
love to cook. And I really want to cook a special dinner for you.
In Russia we say: "the Way to a man's heart is through his
stomach!" This means that I'm going to feed you so that you will not be able
to live without my food. You will love me for what I cook very tasty
food! ))) Write me more about yourself. What do you love? What would you like
to eat??? I'm waiting for your answer. I'll try to write you more often.
Comment #135802
Hi dear ,I have today a good mood!!! And you? I really
nice to get letters from you. I like to wait for your
letters. But even more I expect of our meeting!!!!!
I want to meet you to feel the touch of hands, to kiss you. And then
to make love with you!!! Are you surprised??? Yes I want it all!!! I want
to feel the warmth of your body. I'm tired of waiting. I already know you
that would be enough to begin to take steps to our meeting! Do you agree?
The main thing I need to do all the paperwork. I want
again to tell you that I have all the money to travel to
you. I don't need your help. I'll do it myself. I've been saving up
money and now I have enough. I don't want to ask for your help. I
should arrive to you. I think our meeting can change our
life. What do you think? I'm talking about the money, because my heart already
was broken because of money. It happened three years ago. I for a long time
did not communicate with men after that. When my friend Anna
met through an Internet Agency with her husband. I went
with her. I didn't want to talk to you about it, but I don't want between
us secrets. I hope you're not offended because of this, it was
for a long time. I corresponded with a man, he lives in the United States. We had everything we
well, we talked. And he invited me to visit him. I said that
I have no money to travel. After that, he stopped writing me and
to answer my letters. 5 Days I have not received a response from him. But on the 5th
the day I received a very hurtful letter from him. It was awful. I don't
could not believe that he wrote it to me! He wrote that I need only
his money. He called me various bad words. And in the end he
called me a fraud! I didn't understand why he did it. I
cried for a very long time. I didn't want to live. I was ready to die. But my
my parents helped me to calm down. I calmed down and started to live as
before. Because of this, I don't want to ask for your help money. Now
to me that would be enough to arrive to you independently. But I'm asking you
don't break my heart. Please don't play games with me. I
feel like you the man who will not do so. You are very close
me, I can feel it! I understand that we'll have to meet in person
to understand our feelings. That's why I started to do documents
to travel to you. So, today I talked to the Agency and learned
how to do all the paperwork. The Agency told me that it is real.
All you need to do consistently and then soon I will be able
to arrive to you. This Agency has many years of experience in the field
travel to different countries. My friend Anne went to her husband
it is through this Agency. I'll do all the documents, visa, and I arrive
to you for communication. If we decide I'll stay. If not, I will return to
Russia. I think it's a good idea! What do you think about this??? I
really want to come to you. It will be a new line in my
life. I'll give you all my tenderness, and you will fall in love with me!!! I will
to cook for you. We will walk in the Park, in a cafe. We will
falls together and Wake up together. This is my dream. I know you're so
want to know about my past sex life. My life
little sex. But when we're going to have sex, I'll do anything
what do you want. But I also believe that sex should only be in
. I'm a woman and I want to build a relationship with you. I will
to fully satisfy your sexual needs! I think so!
So I want to meet you face to face. I hope I don't
scare you with this letter?! But we're adults already and I don't want
that would be between us were secrets. I write what I think, I don't
want to lie, and I don't want you to lie! Let's be honest with each
friend! I'll wait for your answer. I kiss you tenderly! So I
sending you a picture that you could see my beautiful body shape! ))))
Do you like it???
Comment #135803
Hello dear Gregory, how are you doing? I hope you're well! Today I will write
a quick letter. I only have 15 minutes. I made a break for
work to write to you!!!!
I have good news! I gave all the documents for visa. I was told that the visa
will be ready soon. I am very happy! I decided to write to you
with this good news. Are you happy? I didn't even think that everything will go
so fast! For the visa, I shall go to Moscow. I
will have to pass interview at the Embassy. At the Embassy I
will ask a few questions, and then give a visa. After receiving
visa, I will not go back home. I'll buy a plane ticket and will arrive
to you. What do you think about this??? Are you happy??? Soon we'll be able
chat face to face! I am very happy. I feel that you are my
man and I was meant for you! I will come to you and we will know and make sure
this!!! I hope you're happy as I am! I'd rather
to arrive to you. We will enjoy every minute spent
together. In spare time we walk. In the evening I'll cook
dinner for you. I'll light the candles on the table. After dinner we will
to enjoy the night. Every night will be special for you! I promise
you! I dream about our meeting very much!!! I can write about it
but unfortunately I have to go back to work. I love you! I
I hope you're not upset that I don't have enough time to write
a long letter, sometimes I don't have time to answer! ? ! Very soon I
will arrive to you and we will have lots of time to explore and learn
each other. I will wait your next letter. I give you a million
gentle kisses.
Your Yuliya.
Comment #135804
Hi dear. I am very glad that you have time to and to write you a letter!
Your letter is like a breath of fresh air for me. Since I
beginning of correspondence with you, my mood is great. And I'm looking
waiting for each your letter :)
The more I look forward to our meeting. I have
"goosebumps" when I imagine our meeting. I'm really looking forward
this moment. I very much hope that you too are waiting for our very
meeting?!?! I want to hug and kiss you. It makes me
to do all documents even faster. Every day I do something for
obtaining a visa. I need to collect a lot of documents. To go through a lot
doctors. To collect a bunch of signatures in different instances. And wherever I
come, all require money. For example, yesterday I was vaccinated. I
long stood in line and paid the money. It's good that I have
enough money, after all, my main goal now is to come to you. I
very tired these days. I don't want to write to you about it, that would not
to burden you with my problems. I am a strong woman and so I will be able
to handle herself. I love you. I want to start a new life with
you, that there was love and understanding. I look forward to the moment
when I see you. Will be able to hold you, to kiss you. This will be one of
the best moments of my life. I constantly dream about it. About you! In
the Agency told me that probably next week, I'm going to
Moscow in Embassy for interview. I'm very excited. Director
the Agency told me that the interview is a simple
a formality. I will answer some of their questions and will give me a visa. But I
still very worried. If they give me visa, I'll buy a ticket for
the plane and arrive to you. I do not think that our meeting very
fast. Only a few days left and I will be able to give you a hug. I am very
happy!!! And I'm very excited!!! The Agency told me that
work directly with the Embassy in Moscow, and that the Agency was already
sent a lot of girls abroad. Therefore, all documents and visa
so fast. I really want to believe it, and I hope to give me visa, and
soon I will come to you! When I arrive to you I will be the happiest
woman on Earth! You are very far distance from me, but I feel
you're my mate. You're my man and I'm your woman! When we
we'll meet, I'll kiss you. I am looking forward to it. Write me what
are we going to do as soon as I arrive to you??? What are your plans for my
meeting??? Will you cook something for my meeting. On our first night I
will give you all of my warmth! I'll make you happy. I am very
long time not been with a man and all my accumulated heat I will give
you. I'm all yours!!! I'm sending you a photo made specially for you.
I have to go. I'll wait for your answer.
Your Yuliya.