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Hello and nice day for you, dear ! How is everything with you?

I was glad to receive your answer and os lovely photo-it tells me that
I made you curious about myself, right?;)). So, I'd like to know you
better. Would be nice to hear a little about the place where you live
now, about your dreams-everything that you want to share with me. And
I think I need to tell you more about me and my life.

Unfortunately now I rent a flat, where is no internet connection. I
know that it is not good, and I'm going to change it as soon as I can.
So I don't have and don't use Skype or Hangout or Whatsapp(((

I'm Kristina and I was born on 21 of January 1987, so I'm 30 y.o.

In my previous letter I told you that I'm working as a seller. I like
this my job cause it's very pleasant for me to help women become more
beautiful and it's nice when they leave our shop in good mood and with
shining faces. Yes, dancing is my passion here but work with make up
and perfumes is different and unusual in a good way.

I graduated from the Lugansk Pedagogical University named after Taras
Shevchenko, as a choreographer-ballettmeister and worked earlier as a
choreographer. As I wrote, before the war, I travelled a lot with my
girls from dancing band and I loved it-different countries, unusual
traditions, interesting new people, so as you see, I'm not scarred of
changes and if I will need to leave my country, it is not a problem
for me.

Last days I thought a lot about relationship. I understood what is on
the first place for me-to be with a man who'll take part in my life
and will be ready to give a good advice. To take care of him and share
all the moments in our life, want him to be reliable and want him to
know that I will support him.

Searching for the man in the internet is risky maybe, but how do you
know the real price of that you are looking for.

I wasn't married, but I had serious relationship for over 3 years and
they ended not successful for some reasons. First year everything was
alright and then I began to feel myself lonely, cause he was spending
too much time with his friends. Later I found out that he was
interested in slot machines games. I tried to help him to get rid of
this problem, but it was similar to mania or illness. He left his job
and began to play in slot machines games whole days and nights.

At the beginning he brought money home, but it was not enough and he
began to borrow money from our friends. We tried to repay debts to our
friends, so we had to sell all the valuable things that we had. Then I
realized that I can't live like this anymore so we broke up. And I
didn't want even to think about new relations after that.

But now, some time passed and I understood that I need to move on and
it's time to start a new life, where it wouldn't be place for lies or

Can you tell me what is important for you in relationship? It is
enough for now, cause this will be an extremely long letter about

Good wishes to you and waiting for your answer!