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Diana Smealova

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SCAMMER REALLY BAD KEEP AWAY from her, lives at Castle Hill in Sydney and she is full of S...T
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Wake up from thing called LOVE ..... SCAMMER , 100 % , you are going to loose money ,if you will allow yourself . Stolen photos , profile , life , and country which they operating from ......... did anyone see her in real life , I don't think so ...... sorry guys don't fall for this scam not a real person .
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Does anybody know who this lady is or where she's from
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Scammer use different email address claim living in Castle Hill Sydney provide Sydney landline phone number, more likely operating with others from Australia but really that person living overseas in Czechoslovakia can't speak English very well and someone else writing the emails of pretending love using stolen photos, profile even providing passport scanned document to confirm identity , never show their real identity or face to face conversation, real dangerous scammers more likely a team of criminals stay away from their tricks, never send any money to the scammers or anybody you haven't seen, not a real person.
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Hello my darling how are you today I thank you for your words, you know I am trying and do all possible but feel so lonely without you. From morning till evening I visit different places we were in credit organizations and feel so not easy right now that live in stresses. Yesterday our far relatives supported us with some money and we still must to find the rest of balance what not very big now but already dont know how to find but I have only few days to decide this problem and I ask for your care my love, I cant without you anymore. I can lose chance to come back because of my visa and I cant stay here too long, so have to do all possible to fix this situation, but alone now so difficult for me. Darling please understand me that i came here to help my family to safe apartment which we waited for long 7 years! I thought about selling my ticket because now with stresses I dont know what to do and how to finish payment. I understand your situation, please understand my situation too and dont leave me my love...
Everything ready and my bags packed, I wait and pray everyday that flat owner dont sell flat and we have a little time to pay last balance, so I would be back already in few days! We agreed to pay part now and if we will not get to flat owner 1200 usd during these days I will have to sell ticket and get some money back for it because i have refundable fare but, my love, I do not want to do this because I want to be with you, you are for me not just friend! I want to live with you, to feel you everyday and night. I want this with all my heart, I see you in my dreams at night, what it say? It say that I very want you, I cant stay here anymore alone because my future there with you my love!
I am all for you and I ready to give you my love and be always near! Please think my love, I need your care very much. You are man and I rely on you. I beg dont turn away from me this moment... Your, I Hope Always, Diana

I've known she was a scammer since her 2nd e-mail to me. Been stringing her/it along to waste her time and get more information in the hopes of actually finding them and screwing them over for a change.

Very bad english, she supplied two phone numbers, one local NSW which is redirected and a confirmed czech number. Had a few short phone calls from her. Obviously asian with fake czech accent. Quick to say love etc.. gave sob story of mothers appartment being taken away unless she pays money. The amount asked for has decreased with every email just trying for anything they can. Claims to be 34 living in castle hill with elderly couple. Have dozens of pics. They have no idea I have been leading them along for weeks now, having a great laugh in the interim. I have alot of professional photos of her sent to me. Not very bright, acenine to say the least.


Any info on their identity or whereabouts would be appreciated. My guess, hooker at a nearby brothel.

About time we screwed them over for a change.