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Hello ! I have received your letter and I am very pleased. Send me more of your pictures that I've seen, with whom I communicate. I hope you like me too! My English is not very good, but I hope you understand me well. I hope I can learn your language better, and you can understand I was more clear. Now I will tell you a little about yourself. I have never been married and could have a child. In this email, I'd like to talk about their city and the place where I live. The name of my city is Dimitrovgrad. It is located near the Volga River! I would not dare say that this is a huge city, sometimes I wish it would be more. Have you heard about this city? I live with my mum in one apartment . She is a very good mother, and We had good friends. I love her very much. I worked in the press. I served as chief editor of "I Know". I'll tell you a few words about our newspaper. It is available only in our city with a circulation of 30.000 copies per day. I really like my job, despite the fact that it takes me much time and effort. Editor in chief has no right to make a mistake, for it he will have to answer before and founder, and before a stern judge - the reader. But on the other hand, nothing can compare with the satisfaction that I feel the last issue of its publication. I am required to professionalism and ability to manage people and respond quickly to changes in social life. Namely, I define information policies and monitoring the publication of exactly how it should employees.I like my job, and I like that when our visitors leave us happy and come again and again. All of this is my job, and it makes me happy. What else do you want to know about me? It will be nice I answer all your questions. I hope you can tell me more about you, because you are very interesting for me too. What do you like in women? What should be a woman? What is the nature of it should be? I'd really like to know Your opinion about him. I think that it is "enough. Now I'm going to make dinner. I hope that Can I receive letters from you soon. In this letter I will send you some my pictures, and I hope you will send me lots of photos. I hope you like it. I'll wait for you very much. I hope that you do not forget to write me. I'm waiting, I hope that will respond quickly.
Your new friend, Maria.

Hello Is pleasant for me to get a letter from you. I hope You are well and you have a good mood. I hope you like my photos. Today, I will send some more pictures. How are you today? How was your day? What did you do today? I hope that your mood changed when you received a letter from me? Do you like me? I hope it `s not a lot of questions.YOU ARE VEY HABNDSOME, AND IM INTERESTED TO KNO YOU BETTER !SORRY BUT I DO NOT GIVE PERSONAL DETAILS TO STREANGERS, I DO NTO KNOW YOU !IF YOU WANT WE CAN CHAT HERE ! Can you send me more of your photos? I hope that I will get them in the following letter. I hope this does not complicate you to send new pictures, I just really interesting to look at you in real life. I would now like to tell you more about yourself. My height 168 cm, weight about 47 kg. You like cooking? I love to do it. My Mom taught me to cook. When I was a little girl, I looked at my mother kitchen, for me it was a pleasure to help her mother when she cooks. Now I can do it myself, and it is very tasty. What to do dishes You like it? What you usually do for lunch? Very much Chinese cuisine, such as beaters. I like very much comfort. I like it when it is clean and comfortable. When I come home I `M are always welcome, because my house is always clean and well groomed. In people I appreciate kindness, honesty, sincerity and good attitude towards other people. I asked you about women in the last letter. Now I want to tell you that I prefer men. I love men who are quiet, sincere and do not cheat. What alcohol does not so much. What kind of person I love and who loves me. What do you think you can be him? Or not? I think that Soon we find out about this when we know each other better. I do not know when you read my letter early in the morning or after work. But I hope when you read, it warms you and make your mood better. Now I gotta go, I meet with my girlfriend for a walk. I impatience will wait your letter. I hope that I get answers to questions, and many photos. Maria!