Scammer Maria CHORNA, BLOND Maria, Yuliya

Maria, Yuliya
11 April 1990
+380 93 295 4975 +380730612114
Novaya st 49 Odessa

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Comment #134887
Probably the most sophisticated attempt I've encountered. Met on, exchanged phone numbers and began regular WhatsApp conversations that lasted about a week before the suspicious anomalies showed up. Has fake passport and VISA stamp that look authentic. Uses a fake travel agency webpage front with a co-conspirator that answers the phone and email at said travel agency. Has constructed a fake facebook profile. Uses a realistic storyline ... picked me out on Ukraine date because I was in Australia - sure enough her profile indicates she'd like to meet someone from Australia ... talks about how she had a group holiday booked with her friends to come here ... then adds that she missed the trip because her family had a problem and she had to go home ... then points out there is 2 months left on the VISA and asks if you want her to come and visit. Of course she is short $1000 for the ticket the next day when she goes to travel agent to book ... gives the number of the agency so you can pay them direct for ticket.
Comment #134915
as the public gets wised up they get more sophisticated to carry out the scam .so good work to out these maggots..they can forge any documents to fool the public
Comment #141155
Also this address is used by others to provide a fake visa for them this person is the class mate and the VISA app fee to get the right bank statements done is $650 US. when I was asked to help with a Visa Application I became kind of suspicious and I looked on our government and the fee was $100 for a travel Visa....the person I was chatting with their profile was unknown here but I asked to talk to the person helping out with the Visa process and low and behold it was this address :-)
Comment #141156
as per my previous post here is the email I got for this person when I said I was Christina's male friend in my country

hello kevin nice to hear from you,i trust you are in a good health,christina had told me about you already because she is my good friend from school,yes I sent her the cost which I am charging her only 650 usd because she is my friend and personally I will make sure I take care of this myself before I travel in the week to new Zealand for a business trip and work shop,kevin I have been in this for long as she knows I have been her husbands agency for long and always,i charge other people more because I have to deal with bank statements for them,for her I will make sure I give her very good bank statements because the embassy checks that more to be sure if the person is dependent and will not be a burden on XXX and can take care of herself that is the most important so I will do all this for Christina,you should not worry at all as she knows me well and my connection s with embassies here I have told her to meet me in morning if all works out,i am a busy person and must finish some works before I leave,so now very busy,take good care kevin and take good care of my friend you are lucky to find her