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Hello my friend .
I see your letter now meets online, E means that I took your
interest. Previous to the e-mail address I entered In an Internet cafe
where I received you email, too Written my first short letter and
photo. Write from mine Personal e-mail. My personal e-mail:

I assume, I have to start, to say everything step by step on herself.
Like your answer, - the letter is simple. And we do not know, We
continue to write and reply to my letters. IS So today, in my letter,
I will try to give you some answers. I think, will help you decide if
you want to write me again, Communicate with me, learn something new
about me or not. Or forget And never write me again. You always ask me
to answer To my questions, I have read your letter carefully. If not
Believe me and think of me bad then it is better not to answer me.

So let me start. My name is Iryna, I'm 52, I already - the adult woman
now. And I'm looking for a friend, first of all, with What I can talk
about, the letters every day and get it a lot Impressions. But my real
goal is to find mine second half. The most important for me to live
the rest of mine Days with the loved one. It's my dream and my
purpose, and I'm not The attempt to hide it. I'm true, I'm not a toy,
not one Doll, and certainly - not one of those who want to deceive
you. Why do you say this? As I understand it is very difficult to
Trust someone who does not see you near yourself, and do not know
Personally Also, I have heard and read a lot of other stories, When
people deceive other people on the Internet. And I understand that We
must be very careful. In Ukraine all day TV for Show how Italian
people are getting acquainted with them Ukrainian girls and sell them
into sexual slavery. My opinion, in each Country there are good and
bad people. But I want this I always do Said the truth because I'm not
one of those who can deceive either Do the damage. NOT.
I ask for simple understanding. Communication.
Just a few photographs you can show me, His life. I will Please let me
know about you. And I will do the same.
There are some rules that will continue in our communication. There
are no games with feeling, do not ask naked photography. Why do you
say this? I do not want to hide, this I communicated With Ukrainian
men, and very strongly I was disappointed. I'm I was overwhelmed by
the behavior of men in my city. All of them have been married, want to
find a lover, and have only one Desire to see me naked photos, or sex.
Or the world crazy ????? I really hope you not one of those people!
And you will be my friend and The decent man.

Well, back to my letter (smile). I have your e-mail Found between
website More precisely, when i Internet cafes opened in our
town, they had advertising, Where you can find a serious relationship
abroad. My friend Think, if I do not find a man to live here in my
country Ukraine, Then, it is possible, I will be able to find the
second medium in Other countries (smile). My friend can not believe I
can find it Man of dream, because such a person as me the requirement,
not Exists (they smile). And so, I went to an appointment in a cafe
Internet. And then I wrote the first letter, and I have it Received
your response. And here I write (the smile) again. Maybe it is destiny

I do not want to talk to 10 people. I just want to have one, dear one
Friend and a bit more serious relationship in the future. Also trust
me, I do not Tried something certain. Aged age - all this is not
important for me. Faith (religion) - the choice of each. Thickness the
Purse, all this is not important. I just have a relationship serious.
Probability, good luck, he thinks, can call it as he pleases As you
received my letter.

I'm polite to write a lot. It invests everything in my offers Possible
emotions. I'm smart (elegant), I read a lot Books in life. I speak and
write in Italian, but also Study me and other languages, for example
English. My native language Ukrainian. Yes, I live in Lugansk. I do
not talk to you very much about my city In letter, can freely read it
on my country on the Internet. How can I read on your country (smile).
I love sports you meet, I like to prepare, I love nature. Music - part
Of my life .. As I love to hear it. But the main thing that was
direction. And the taste of others, I can not judge. I'm just saying
that I love. (smile).

Maybe, she wants a Conversation in Skype or Facebook. But I do not
have it. The Internet is very weak in Internet-cafes as here is
molticomputer. In addition, to have a profile in social networks, it
is required to make a lot of money in internet cafe time. I can not do
it. And if it is a problem for you, and you need it, I can not give it
to you. If it's very important for you to stop writing the letters.
Your choice. The phone about me, to have the cellular phone on the
buttons. I use it for SMS and phone my friends. And this phone only
works in Lugansk. It does not support claims. Messages, calls coming
from abroad. Now I want to finish the letter. Since I'm not sure I'll
see your letter again soon. But if she answers me with Roberto . And I
will be seeing more interest, I'll be glad to tell you more about me.
And much more. And maybe we will become true friends (smile).
Everything is fine, I hope it's over, reading my letter to the end
(the smile) also makes the right decision. Write me back the answer or
forget about me. Sincerely, Iryna.