Scammer Lisa Milla Wilson Unknown

Lisa Milla
973-457- 8426
Bloomfield, NJ

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Comment #134790
I am presently playing along with this scam artist(s). The initial lengthy email reply that came in smelled like a scam right off the bat, some grammar mistakes and too much info and too forward. She found me either from or SeniorPeopleMeet. If she/ he/ they aren't breaking any laws I guess there isn't anything that can be done about them her.
There is a milla lisa Wilson in NJ with a business, so not sure how the scammers got on to that.
Comment #134791
Forgot to mention, if you ask these scammers about Skyping with you, it clues you off immediately that something isn't right, they have lots of excuses to NOT Skype.
Comment #142378
This is the current email address as of Jan 21, 2018, The person in question placed a fake add on LDS Planet, with an address linking you to a yahoo account. Then they responed with this email address Name they are using is Millia Lisa Wilson.
Comment #144786
Just got contacted by her last week on "Marriage Minded People" and told me she was most interested and cancel her profile and wanted me to do the same, which I did do a day later. She sent quite extensive emails that seemed to good to be true and pictures. Seemed so well organized and all. The email letter are the same as posted on here that I saw and ead, with the same pictures. She claims her birthday was April 24, and just turned 45. Sent me en email showing her plane ticket and flight info to Malaysia and wants to stop on the way back to see me at an airport near me. Just got to thinking about checking, as I had a two other scams earlier this year that were somewhat similar. My rule is, I never met you, I send no money or things to you. She needs to be brought up on fraud charges for doing this and playing on people. Last of all she claims her late husband name is Lawson. So she is actually Lisa Lawson.
Comment #144787
The first clue besides the too good to be true and so forward emails was that she could not talk on the phone that part wasn't working, but getting a new phone by special order by Friday. Last scam I had used almost the same ploy saying the phone wasn't working since it had been dropped. That person also had no friends on FaceBook and was just recent FaceBook page and it was pulled and then traced phone from messenger to another state. These fakes are scammers and popping up everywhere. I even got $100 plus flower arrangement delivered from one to me and then of course asked for money... sorry.. no money from me.