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Hello !

I am here to get a chance to become happy - in other words to find a beloved man
and to be happy with him.

As you know my name is Oksana, my friends call me Ksyusha (it is a pet name).
I was born on the 18th of September, 1987. So, I am 29 y.o. now.
I have never been married and I do not have children. I live in the small town
Berislav, Kherson region, Ukraine.

I live on my own now and I work as a secretary in the Berislav Education department.
I got my education at the East-Ukrainian National university on the faculty of
the Scientific Discipline of Documentation.

I am 168 cm tall, my weight is about 55 kilos:)
I do not have a computer at home, so I have to write you from the
Internet cafe.
I speak and write English on my own.

I used to live in Lugansk (east of Ukraine), till the war came there.
I came through the war, and it was terrible, I lost my grandmother in 2014, during
the war actions, burried her and ran away here, as the house where I used to live
was ruined by the war actions.
I do not want to remember and do not want the war actions to happen again.

I do not know anything about my parents, my granny just told me my mother was a bad
person and left me, did not tell me anything about my father.
My grandmother substituted both of my parents and I miss her a lot now.

I'm a simple person who loves nature and the simple pleasure of life.
I'm social, friendly, fun-loving, open minded, ambitious, sensitive and romantic person.
I'm an energetic, outdoor sort of a girl and I'm in a good mood most
of the time:)

I do not have a phone to use whatsapp pr Viber;(

That is all I can tell you about me this time and hope you will let me know more about you.
You may feel free to ask me anything you want to know about me.
I am sending you several photos for me and hope you like them all.
I hope you will also tell me about yourself and send me your photos in
the next letter, agreed?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Please take care of yourself,
Comment #134731
on the database already... and too good to be true
Comment #136099
1) How long does it will take for you to obtain a new passport? - it depend on the price.
2) How much money does it cost? -
Well, you know, what we need to do is to make the international passport for me as it is the first step and the most important.
The problem is that I can not afford making it on my own, as it costs too much for me..
The passport can be done fast depending on how much we are ready to pay for it.
Two months (the cheapest way to make it) - $195, one month - $250, $300 for two weeks, $380 - for one week and the shortest - one day - $450.
3) Would you prefer that I go with my car to Berislav or Kherson in order to meet us?
- Honey, I do understand your way of thinking, but I would also like you to listen to my thoughts.
The matter is that I want to visit you first. I have thought a lot over this and came to the conclusion that in such case We will have some advantages.
First off all from the pictures and your letters I see that you are a good man and you won't hurt me, that’s why I am not afraid at all, I was ready for this when I started looking for a man here, in the Internet!
Secondly, if I come to you I will see the style of your life, the place of your living, your environment, your habits and so on. This I need in the case we decide to stay this case I will have to leave my country and to come to live with you, am I right?
I do not want to decide to leave everything here and come to live with you permanently (if we decide so) without having found out what life there, with you, is like...
That frightens me a little bit. That is why I want to be prepared for what is waiting for me in future and this trip to you will help me a lot, I will know your way of life, meet people surrounding you...
And the last reason, again in the case we decide to stay together, the visa in my passport for your country will prove that we have already met, that I have been to your country, at your place.... it seems to me that in this case it would be much more easier for us to arrange documents for me. What do you think? Does it make sense?
4) About holidays: how long could we spend together? - I can be free for 3 weeks.

Glad to write you and to be honest I need to confess that your mails made my life brighter, I want to thank you for this. I am happy very much about this, thank you!
I hope and pray that you are serious about me and you won't hurt me.
I don't want to be hurt, I believe I deserve to be happy and I am ready to make you happy as well.

I could not sleep yesterday, I was thinking about you and me, I have never experienced such feelings but I can tell you that with your presence my life is happy!
I am dreaming about our first meeting, I dream of our life together! Please please tell me do you think of
me, do you dream? Or is it only my dreams?? I am scared but I have opened my heart to you but do not leave me heartbroken, I so much want to be happy with you! Of course we should get to know each other better but when I receive your email I have buttreflies in my stomach and such warmth.... again I will repeat myself but I have never had such feelings! I so much want to come to you and make our dreams to come true! Please please be serious about me as I am serious about you. But I see that our relationshions became mature and we have grown into something more!

I have problem at work and the boss's son told his mom to fire me because I refused to be with him, with that fat, stupid bustard. I am so sad, as I have to look for a job, I did not even get my last salary....

I hope your day is better than mine..

Thinking of you,
Comment #142217
I am glad to be able to write to your personal
e-mail address. I can not wait to know you better. I am Oksana from Ukraine.
In no way I am here for games - only for the serious relationship. I hope you, too.
I am a hard-working woman, but I am sure I will be a good wife, too, as I like cooking
and I know how to make a man happy. I just need the right one who will value it.
Don't be shy, send me your photos and ask me questions.

Looking forward to your letter,