Scammer Lyubov Gavris Luba

lugansk (fake)
knin, ukraine

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Comment #134620
Hi my dear man!!! kiss you
I don't know what's wrong with my phone. I was waiting for your call.
Okay try calling now . I wait
Maybe you're not dialing the correct number?
mobile number: +380500219357

I feel like I need you like need your hugs, your kisses and words of love. I want to let you know that I love you and live only for you!

City - Lugansk Country - Ukraine

address in the city - block Shevchenko 27/10

Name - Lyubov
Surname - Gavris

Of course I can come on may 19.

I'll try to explain. In my city the military situation I was talking
about. We have no trains. We do not the airport operates. Now in Kiev,
I can only get on the bus. This is not a direct bus to Kiev. The bus
goes on a detour through Russia. Lugansk - Belgorod (Russia) - Kharkov
- Odessa. Last time my friend drove for about 30 hours. (very long
standing in the queue for border checkpoint IZVARINO) Is a private
company which engaged in transportation. Tickets can be purchased cash
only. Cute on the way I have about 334 dollars. I will explain. Money
for a ticket to both side. Money to create a special pass for the
Ukraine (it should to do because of the special status of my town)
Also I need some money for food for the road and money in unexpected
emergency. The rest of the money I will give you back. For me, this
train is not difficult, because I really want to see you. The only
problem is the money...
Comment #135547
Use other email
Says now , she is living in Lutsk .
Comment #136704
Another American fool.

hello my love!

how are you?

I'm sorry I haven't written sooner had problems with the Internet.


YES my husband, we'll be together soon. I was waiting for you all my life. I will be happy only when you'll be happy know about it...

I'm waiting for the time when we're gonna go to the hospital to do the first picture of the baby in my tummy.

Before I met you I felt a real, strong, confident men left, but I am fully persuaded in this, and showed that the woman should be weak and defenseless. You taught me how to trust you, your decision, and I'm very grateful for that. I'll probably never tire of repeating that I love you, you're the real and only meaning of my life that I will never give up. Only with you I feel complete, alive and very happy. It gives me great pleasure every time I read your letters and each time, worry like it's our first letter. I like to watch you show your feelings to me.

Recently to me began to happen something very strange, I became very distracted, constantly flying in the clouds and can't concentrate on anything. You know honey that caused all this? It's because of you I became like this, because nothing else can think of other than my most beloved, most beautiful and most remarkable men. That take up so much space in all my thoughts that I no longer think about anything I just don't have time. Despite all this, I'm just happy, because only with you I can feel such elation, so much happiness and joy like never before. I love you, my darling, and ready to repeat these same tapline beautiful words every day just to feel you smile. Thank you, love, that made me so happy.

kiss you