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Hello !
Very pleased when I saw your letter.
I have a great desire to communicate, it is better to get to know each other!
My English language is far from ideal. (I studied at additional courses at the university)
I ask you not to laugh if you find stupid grammatical errors in my letter ... :-) I will be ashamed .... I'm just starting to practice my knowledge. But I understand what you wrote.
I read several stories of successful dating on the Internet. I decided to follow the example of these people. :)
Somewhere in the depths of my soul I have faith that you are a man worthy of attention. Maybe, maybe a joint future. Although, my mother is skeptical about dating on the Internet. To some extent, I understand it (it's just that it's from a different generation). But I believe in the miracle that will happen in my life sooner or later. Do you think we can count on a miracle?
My mother says that at my age you need to get married. :)

How goes your day? What is the weather like in your city today?
Thoughts are confused. I do not know anything about you at all.
Best of all, if you write everything that you see fit. Good ?
A bit of my biography. :-) My birthday is on December 18, 1988. I am 29 years old . I was born and live in Russia, in the city of Kotelnich (Kirov region). It's a small provincial town. This is my native land. :-)
I'm a free girl. I have no children .

Currently I work as a teacher.
While studying at the university, I passed an internship at an orphanage.
Now I have a job as a teacher of Russian language and literature.
During the internship, I saw something that touched me to the depths of my soul.
Constantly there is a feeling of compassion for children who were left without parents. I experienced the loss of my father on my own. But next to me, there was always my mother.
At that moment, I decided that my future work would be to help orphans.
This idea does not leave me to this day.
After studying at the University, I was hired at this orphanage.
And now I'm very glad that I chose this way of life. Naturally, there are many difficulties, as in any profession.
But I do not want you to think that it's so sad.
Children are flowers of life, and above all: joy!
Therefore, I really love my work. I want children to grow up smart and have success in life.
Sorry . I was carried away by the story.
If you want to know more about me, be sure to ask me questions.
I'm ready to make an effort to make my relationship with a man happy.
Forgive me if my letter turned out to be big and tedious. I just want you to know me a little better! I'll wait for your answer!