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Hello my dear friend ! Thank you for a new answer) I am
very glad to write to you again. Thank you for your words. I hope that
now we will communicate and keep in touch with each other. How is your
day today? How is your mood? I hope all is well with you and I wish
you a big smile and a good day) I'm fine, and I have a pretty good day
today. Your photo really liked me. Now I see that I really talk to a real
person. Your photo is very beautiful, I hope you also like my photos!
After I have just seen your letter, my mood was still wonderful.
In my last letter I told you only a very small part of my life. But
now I want to tell you a little more about me and my life, and to
answer your questions. I work as a beautician in the cosmetic clinic.
Well, I'll explain below. Good? Now I want to tell you about my family
and a little about yourself. My parents live in the countryside in a
small village. I also grew up with my parents in the village of
Chkalov. It is close to Orenburg. My parents have a house and garden,
and they grow different fruits and vegetables. In the summer I like to
go to his native village to parents and spend time there. I like
nature. There's fresh air and I can escape from the bustle of the
city. The city is not particularly get to relax, because a lot of cars
and dirty air. At present, my parents do not work anywhere, he
receives a pension. My father loves sports! In the winter it often
goes skiing. He also likes to go fishing, to breathe fresh air. My
mother Elena, she also retired. I love my parents, and they are also
very fond of me. In many respects they have helped me in my life and I
am very grateful to them. Sometimes I try to help my parents money
because pensions in Russia is very low and they do not always have
enough money to live on. But we'll manage. The most important thing is
to be together and support each other, no matter what happens. I will
never cheat my parents, because they gave me life, brought me to my
feet, I like to tell them everything, and never from them do not hide
anything. They give me advice and this often helps me in life. I
am also interested to know about your family. Hopefully, in the next
letter you tell me more about it. Now I want to tell you more about my
work. When I was 16 years old and I finished 9 classes, I decided to
leave the village and my parents enrolled in medical school in
Orenburg. There I was given a room in the dorm and 4 years I was
trained. There I received a medical degree. At first I worked in a
children's clinic, but then reduced our medical staff and I had to
resign. After that I have worked in several private clinics, but there
I did not stay too long! Now I found a new job in cosmetology. I had
just a little training to get here. I like my job, but sometimes I get
very tired because there are many customers. I love my customers and
they treat me well. We love to talk to them when I'm doing my job.
Basically I'm doing here works for the aesthetic care of the face and
body. You know what it is? It - facial cleansing, massage, hair
removal, SPA-programs. I do not have a specific time schedule. We are
building a work schedule based on customer orders. Our clinic is open
from 10 am to 22:00. Many customers come to us late in the evening
because they have free time in the evening after work.
You love barbecue? How do you like to spend your holidays?
I wrote you in my last letter, I love nature, and in his spare
time, I like to go on nature with friends! It's great to relax on a
day off from the city noise. I can not even put into words how
wonderful it is to be outdoors. The silence of nature, native people
there and only the birds singing, very nice to me. Singing birds and
the wind calms. I used to love to run and ride a bicycle when the
weather was warm. Last time, unfortunately I rarely get to do it.
I would like to know about your hobbies! What kind of music you
like? I listen to pop music, and sometimes I like to listen to
classical music or a Russian national. I'll conclude with a letter,
look forward to hearing from you. I send you photos. At the end of the
letter. Have a nice day*
Sincerely, Elisa.
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