Scammer Dorothy Maltary Dorothy

Czech Republic. Praha, kacerovska
Czech Republic

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Hi dear. You do not know what a beautiful day it is today. Since the morning I just have a great mood And reading your letter
Makes this day even more beautiful. Every time I read your letters with a great desire, and I am grateful to the fate that we have a chance
Get to know each other. Today I decided to arrange a day of rest and spend time at home.
I regret my silence, but only today I got the opportunity to write to you. The whole week was just dreadful and difficult. I started a new project
Modeling and design of clothes. I wrote to you about my future plans and now I have finally started work
in this direction. I really hope that I will succeed. How are you? I hope all is well?
You may have plans for tonight. We also decided to spend the evening together with my friend.
I ordered a table in the restaurant with live music. I have not listened to live music for a long time. I'm not sure whether I wrote you about my preferences, but I like
Listen to classical music. In my city there are many concert halls and I am very pleased to visit
Concerts of orchestras. Of course I listen to other popular music, but classical music is always
in my heart. It is not possible to convey in words the feeling that arises in the soul when it is in the concert hall.
My dear. Tell me which music do you prefer? Have you ever listened to classical music? I'm curious to know about this.
I get the impression that we have the same life priorities. I'm sure that we can have much in common with each other.
my dear. я буду рада говорить с тобой по скайп. надеюсь ты найдешь на меня время. I will definitely call you if
You do not mind hearing my voice and seeing me. And I'll be waiting for your message on my new Skype tomorrow. Now it's time for me to close
my letter. I want to wish you a pleasant evening and I want to say what I think about you.
Tell me you like spring? I like this time of year. It's nice to see how nature awakens again from winter sleep.
Even now you can feel the approach of spring when you go out into the street. Tell me, which season do you prefer?
So you told me if I came to visit you in May? I think 29 th.
I will not have much free time, but I could stay with you for one week. What do you think about my
Proposal? If my proposal does not suit you, then you can visit me at any convenient for you
time. I'll tell you my home address. Czech Republic. Praha, kacerovska 481 6, 11000. I want to wish you a pleasant evening and I want to say what I think about you.

Your Dorothy