Scammer Oksana Noskova Oksana Noskova

Oksana Noskova
28 y. o. - July-12-1989
Ukraine, 94300, Perevalsk, Lenina Street, 20/14

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This Oksana robbery internet scammer woman asked me for a round-ticket trip,
and i did, she took the money that i sent to the robbery women and she never came, here is two emails to prove that what i'd just report it.
Good morning, my love, my Ary!
I am sending all my positive energy to you)
Here are my personal details:
My full name is Noskova Oksana.
Adress: Ukraine, 94300, Perevalsk, Lenina Street, 20/14
I was born on the 12th of July in 1989.
Phone number: +380997560551
I kiss you, dear and wait for our meeting!!!
Hope for happy ending in your arms...)
Yours to infinity

Hello, my love and everything!!!
My real man with serious actions!
Today is really perfect day and I am very happy
that today I will have my tickets with me)
Ary, I was in travel agency yesterday and spoke
with my agent about all the information that I have to
know while traveling to Brazil.
So one of the most important questions is that I have to
make yellow fever vaccination.
Without this certificate I cant enter the territory of Brazil
like foreign tourist.
It is very important question that I have to solve as I have
never traveled abroad and I can have some bad symptoms
practically from anything, you know...
And I was in in tour agency with my mother so she worries a lot
about my safety and health so I have to make it.
It costs like 150-200$. And I have no hospital in my city in which
they do it so I have to make a small trip to Rostov-on-Don and make
it there. I need maximum one day for that, don’t worry.
So I need your help again,my love, for this vaccination and some travel
costs to this city.
I have to make this before 10 DAYS of my going to Brazil.
So I plan to take my flight tickets from the 17th-18th of April.
I cant take them earlier as I have to wait incubation period.
Ary, I hope that you wont get sad as we are almost at last steps
before our meeting, and I don’t want to ruin it because of this vaccination.
I love you, Ary, trust me. Gods gives us these obstacles to present the happiness
at the end.