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She wrote:

Hello, How's life?
It's Olga, Iam very interest person and at present seeking agreeable man from 30 y.o!, hope You want to see me ;)
reply me at I can send You my photo attach
till next time!

But her mail was coming from :>

I never met her before but unfortunately I gave this my mail to only two girls and they were both scammers.
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Hello my new friend !!!
How are you and how is your mood today??? I hope you are well. I am so happy to read your answer to my email. And your answer mean that you are interested
in dating with me. And as for me I want to know you better too. I think you are very interesting person. I want to know all about you. And if be honest
i waited your answer very much, I checked my inbox several times in hope to see your answer.
Thank you very much for your picture. Wow, very nice. I like you and want to get to know you more and more. I am happy that you are looking for serious relations, as I am serious woman and looking for serious relations. I want a family. ))) I have seen in the Internet that your country Italy is very beautiful country. And if be honest a lot of girls from Russian and some other countries I guess dream to live in Italy.
After your answer I am very long thought about what write you in my first email, because it is my first experience in internet dating. And I think you want
to know about me.
I am from Russia, the city I was born and live all my life is Kungur. I am 33 years old now. My birthday is 11 of April. My height is 169 cm and my weight is
50 kg. I live alone in the flat that I rent not far from my parents. I like to visit them at my weekends. 8 years ago I ended and institute. I have a teacher
education, worked some time as a teacher but pay very little and I decided to find another job. There is very hard to find job here and I work in taxi on my
mom's old car. Not very good job for a girl, but I don't have any choice. I have to work a lot. And spend very little time at home. (
I don't have children, but I love kids, and sure that they love me, it is always very easy for me to speak with them and I easily understand what they want
and like. What is your job??? Do you like it??? Why you choose this job???
As I said I live in small town Kungur. It is very small but very nice town. And all my life I live here. We don't have here a lot of special places.
But few parks where I like to walk. I think for the first email it is enough about me. I think if you have special questions you will ask me in your next email.
It is very interesting for me to know all about you, to know exactly what a person you are. I have some questions about you too. What are you doing for living???
How many relatives live with you, or are you live alone??? Why you seek a woman in the internet??? What type of woman you prefer??? What qualities are main for
you in woman????
I am very glad to have a date with you. Hope it will start of somewhat nice and new in our lives. I wish you a good day and nice mood. Waiting your quick answer.
Your new friend from Russia. Olga.