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Hello ,

Thanks for getting back at me.I would like you to tell me about
your family.what do you like in me?Have you any experience of the
internet dating?How well can you handle a relationship?What makes you
happy and what actually interest you in a lady?I want you to know we
can achieve a lot together if we are not selfish.You sound like the
kind of man I want to spend the rest of my life with.I'm living alone
because my parents are dead.For me Rebecca,I like going to
beaches,watching,movies shows,musical concerts and sometimes go for
dinner and take a little coffee.Well,relationship can mean two
things.It could be we having a connection,which I think is something
good in relationship.It also means to be romantically and sexually
involved and I think we aren't at that level.So,I think at this
point,we definitely have a friendship based on some external and
internal similarities that are developing into a relationship that
will bring us a little closer with good intentions,and the potential
exists for the relationship to evolve into something more
significant.I would like to meet someone who recognizes the little
things I do for him and knows how to appreciate.For instance,if I
were to make breakfast in bed or draw a bath for my man,he could thank
me by giving me a hug or kiss.Or perhaps sending me a card for no
particular occasion just to tell me thank you.I am very appreciative
of what people do for me and I will reward them in my own little
way.To me,it is the little things that mean a great deal to me.That
was the way my parents brought me up.What does it really mean to be
passionate?I love a man who can display his passions for me anytime
and anywhere without being shy.I love being affectionate.I love a man
who is not shy of hugging and kissing me in the public.I have learned
that there are many guys out there that are set in their ways.They
have one way of doing things and are never open to suggestions or
advices.Obstinate men are a major turn off for me.I like a guy who is
open to ideas,thoughts,and basically open minded.I think being
receptive brings about sensitivity as well.A guy who is ignorant and
insensitive is difficult to get along with.I would say that I am not
afraid to display my emotions.I would like someone who is sensitive
and caring.If I am sad,I would like him to comfort me and cheer me
up.He doesn't have to do much,knowing that he is there solacing me is
more than enough.Have you ever had someone not stand up for you?I was
deeply hurt when someone I once knew wouldn't stand up for me,even
after he told me he loved me.I would never allow someone to hurt my
boyfriend.and I would always stand up for him.One thing I will always
do for my guy is to protect him.