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Hi my friend ! I can call you the friend? I am glad to read your
message! :) it is very pleasant to me that you to answer me and to pay
me the attention. it is very interesting to me to read your letter. we
aren't familiar with you personally yet and our first letters have to
be remembered to us on long. a meeting of the new friend this already
big event in life. this new to me! I for the first time meet the man
on the Internet. We can speak by phone, my number of the mobile phone
– ++7-960-094-0102! I have no house phone! But you can try to call me
on mobile number! I will be glad to hear your voice!

Today, I want to tell you about my work! now I work in "Stroybat"
construction company! it is large and known construction company, but
I to work in small division. The firm is engaged in construction of
houses, apartments and architecture! In firm to work hard the person,
but generally it is hired, temporary employees! My specialty at work
"the accountant - the economist". I to work as the accountant and to
watch a financial state. My work very much to be pleasant to me. At
work I to communicate with people a little. I to sit at office where
there aren't enough people! Only fellow workers, but in our collective
one women! I always responsible at work. At us it is very difficult to
find good work in the city, I long was an unemployed, after the
termination of university! But later time I have found to myself work
in this firm. Name of the company - "Stroybat" .

City of Ocher not really big. I very much love my city, and I will
always love. I live here very long, and now it is my homeland! My
parents, the father and mother live in the neighboring city, and we
not often to meet. I will be to tell you about my family later, in the
following message. My city to be at distance of 1500 kilometers from
Moscow! I work from 9:00 till 17:00, 40 hours a week. How many hours a
week you work? I very much want to know more about you as I very much
like our communication!

I will be honest with you, I don't want that we to deceive each other!
I long time am lonely! I had no man long ago! I can't find the loving
and honest man in the city! In Russia men rough and cruel! For many
reasons I can't find the love in my city and in general in Russia. I
can't live with the man of the Russian character. As love this only
heat and fire which doesn't allow to freeze in this cold world. I have
been deceived in the past! Therefore, I have asked for the help in the
Internet to find the second half. I to look for the Man with whom I
will be able to construct a beautiful love story. To construct the
serious relations. my intentions to find the love very serious. I
already long time am without the second half. And the most important
for the person it to find the second half. to learn true love. Because
true love this most pure and pure feeling on the earth. these words I
have tried to describe all what to happen at me at heart. I had
serious relations in the past. But all this will end unsuccessfully.
Men in Russia are very cruel and dishonest. My ex-boyfriend has
changed me. it is very sick to remember it. we have left also I long
ago not to see him any more. I to very few people speak about it and
now I don't know why I have decided to tell you it. Let it will be the
first steps to our acquaintance. Now, when I write you this letter,
became me easier and already not so alone and sadly. I to share with
you the pain. But not only my inner world, but also my appearance and
my vital interests is interesting to you. I want that my man was kind,
gentle and loved me! That I felt in reliable hands. sometimes I feel
lonely, I want that near me there was a man whom I will love! I want
to come home to the beloved! I want to know and feel that I am
necessary to someone. To me alone one houses, and at these moments you
understands that you lack the loved one. I live in hope that I will
find the love soon and I will have a family! To you also happens alone
to one? I very much want to find the second half as I am lonely. And I
lack man's heat!

Gradually I will tell you all about myself! but I want to know about
your life. I very much want to find the man with whom I will be able
to live all life in the world and love!!! And I am happy now that I
have such beautiful friend as you! You knows, I always tried to keep
all best in soul. for all the life, I have told nobody the rough word!
I quiet and reserved. Very important that the man respected the woman!
Everyone has to look for love!!! Year can, day can, but the love and
trust has to be to the most important family!!! What do you think? You
agree with me? To me it is sad because I have to finish this letter. I
will write you tomorrow! You write me too. I very much wait for your
letter! I will be very happy to see your photo!

Sincerely your new friend Yuliya!!!
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Confermed spammer by me..:(