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Comment #134251
See sends lots of pictures which are on the internet ,also wants money for passport ,then for airfair.she tell stories of selling jewelry and moving from home town to Moscow waiting for money to fly to me.
Comment #135666
Hi again my dear
Thanks for letter I am so happy that you are ready for my visit.
I am in Moscow right now!!! I wished to write to you earlier but
I could not do it faster because here are a lot of people. So crazy city!!!
I have good news I have finished control interview in Embassy successfully!!!
So the next step is ticket's purchase. I made a request for tickets
reservation and travel agency which I use have informed to me need to pay
349 EURO for the cheapest flight economy class with insurance for trip
from Moscow to Riyadh airport but I do not have enough money for it.
I have some saved funds in my hands now which about 132 in EURO.
I sold my gold jewerly for it as I have already written to you before
that I was going to do it for my flight to you.
So your money help 217 EURO would be enough for my tickets problems.
I am sorry but I do not have another way that's why I am asking this
money help from you, because I am alone here in Moscow.
Therefore I must ask money help from you cause nobody could help me.
Tickets payment must done by passenger person only!!! So that's why I
am asking money help from you... Please do not dissapoint in me...
It was not so easy for me to get passport, coming to Moscow,
finish control interview in Embassy, saving money by selling jewerly
which was so important and lovely for me!!!
It were taken so many difficulties and time!!!
Comment #135667
My lovely Wael: Once again I dispatch you the letter with hope
that is it finds you it is in good mood because your welfare was and there will be always my disturbing.
I think of you and surprise if you in the order it is.
It is interesting, whether are you are happy or are sad. You know
my thought about you only brings light per my day. Thanks!!!
Wael, how are your friends? Do they know that I like you with all my heart?? I hope well.
To hold you in my arms by your body close to my feeling you by a heat.
I want to feel yours smooth skin against my. Sorry but I think of all things that
I want to do to you that to cause you to groan in pleasure. You will be my and I shall be
gaurd you it is good. Any harm should not ever arrive in you.
I dream we will go on picnic together. We shall package small lunch of a cheese, bread,
it is possible bottle fault and some fruits.
Writing this letter has brought to me a lot of happiness than when I began.
I was sad and alone but now I am happy and not so alone because I have
you in my judgement and in my heart. I hope this letter has effect some on you.