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Hello .
Thanks for your letter! How was your day? What did you do?
I have a very busy day, and I'm very tired.
But, despite the fatigue, I answer your letter.
I wanted to warn you that I can not, most likely, write every day like I
I write to you from the Internet cafe. She is not far from my house, but on
Holidays it does not work. Also I sometimes go to my parents.
But I will definitely warn you in advance if I can not write. OK?
Today I want to tell you a little about life. I was born
And grew up in a small town of Novorossiysk. There I went to school.
After my school life passed, there was a lot in front of me
Options and it was necessary to make a choice. I think this is for a child
The first adult choice that she will have to decide herself. Tell me about
The first independent decision? If, of course, you remember! So,
As I have always been a creative person, and while studying in the ordinary
School. In addition, I studied at the art school. My choice fell on
Branch of the Anapa Institute of the Modern Humanitarian Academy. In our
The city of such an institution was not and I had to leave
Home and go to the city of Anapa. I believe that at that moment, my adult life began.
I now remember the tears on my mother's face when she saw me off.
I would not want to leave, but I knew that it was so necessary.
And in 2003 I started to study and strive for my dream.
The life of the student was different. Both poor and hungry, but at the same time there were a lot of merry moments.
we lived in a hostel five together in one room, we had one kitchen on
Several rooms and in the evening from the rooms we went together to cook. I think that's where I learned to cook food.
From there I learned many recipes and methods of preparation.
I watched as other girls cooked, tried to make their dish special, adding a twist.
At night we did not go to bed for a long time, talked and dreamed about our future life.
We had a lot of events, concerts, in which we performed.
Every year we gained experience, became closer with friends, there were many new acquaintances.
Gradually it became easier to learn and live in an unfamiliar city.
And so in 2008 I graduated from the institute.
After that I decided to go home, all summer I spent at home. It was a beautifully carefree time.
But the summer passed very quickly. And in the autumn, I returned back to Anapa.
She rented a small apartment, and got a job at TSK Alliance, in the direction of the institute.
I loved work right away, and still I work in the same place.
Now I remember how I started an adulthood, with a smile on my face, although it was very difficult at that time.
But I was firmly on my feet and go only forward. Probably, I could not do this if I do not have someone Believed.
I am very grateful to parents and close friends who have always been with me and supported me.
tell us about how you received your education? How did you become an adult and an independent person?
It will be very interesting for me to learn about this. I hope it will be interesting for you to read my letter, and see my photos!!!
I really want you to send me your photos !!!
if it was a photo where you will be healthy after finishing school!
I'm waiting for your letter and I hope that your photo !!!!
Your friend Vika!