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My dear !!! You have a very sexy name by the way:)) I like it!

So I am here to find the man to spend the rest of my life with... As
you know I was married before but my ex drunk too much vodka, and
after the war had started I separated him. I do not regret my
decision, of course it is hard for a woman to survive without a
husband with a small kid in hands, but I consider myself as a strong
woman and I am not used to the faith in future!! My ex left for work
for Russia and I ave not seen him for a long time already.

So I am disappointed in men here because I have not met yet a man here
who would appreciate woman's good attitude and love. Of course there
are good men here in my place but most of them are married already
because serious men don't stay alone for a long time. But mostly men
here are not serious, they think only about sex and alcohol. So I am
full of them already and decided to search for a man abroad. And they
say the best way to do it is to use Internet, so I am here!!! I am a
very family oriented woman and I believe that if you want to be
treated like a queen you have to act like a Queen! The same can be
said about men. The man who will act like a King will be always
treated like a King by me. It is my life motto and I already teach
this motto my daughter as she is a little girl and a future woman:)

I live in the Eastern part of Ukraine, in the closed war zone. Have
you heard of the war in Donbass??? I am sure you had. My town is
Zymogir'ia, Lugansk region. I live close to the line border with
Ukraine and the war is still not over in my region. I pray God for it
to be finished soon, it lasts for such a long time already, which
seems to be endless to me... But I know people who started this war
will finish it pretty soon!!!

I work as a nurse at the oncology department. Here in the closed war
zone the hospitals are in very bad conditions, our hospital in summer
2014 was bombed and half of the buildings does not work at all. Thanks
God another half survived in which we are working now. And you know
because of the war the number people who get sick with oncology raised
in a lot times. The hospital is always full of patients and saying the
truth my job is very hard in psychological aspect. But I am proud of
my job and I believe that my job is very important.

I have to tell you from the beginning that when I was a school girl
and we had such a subject as English language I didn't know that I
would be looking for a foreign husband that is why didn't pay
attention to English:( I used to enjoy more mathematic and biology:) I
regret it so much! Because now it would be very useful to know English
as I don't speak it unfortunately, that is why I have to use the
translational firm to communicate with you where I have a personal
translator, she is a nice girl and she translates my letters into
English. I truly hope that it is not a problem for you, I promise that
I will learn English very soon!!! I realize how much it is important
and will do my best to learn it. Would you mind to be my teacher of
English? :-))) And I will be your teacher of Russian... I will dress a
short skirt and will be your little naughty student and then can be a
severe teacher of yours in a tight jacket and spectacles who will
punish you if you will not make your home work... How do you like my

as you can see I am a mature woman already!!! I am 36 years
old. Hope it is not a problem for you?? I know that men mostly prefer
only young girls in their twenties. May be I am too old for you
already?:)) As for me age is just a number!! My Birthday is on the May
14th, I am Taurus:))

As for my family I live with my daughter Lena alone. My dad left us
when I was two years old and I have not heard from him since that
time... My mom died in summer 2014 from the bomb:(( I miss her very
much.... I have also a cousin sister Yulia who lives in the neighbor
street with her family. She is the only relative I have here and she
is the only person who helps me with a kid. The sun of my life is my
little Lena!!! She is 5 years old and she is gorgeous!!!!! When I am
at work Lena is in the kindergarten, she is a good girl and almost
always behaves well:))) I am a very proud mother:)))

So I truly hope that you didn't fall asleep reading my letter and also
hope that you enjoyed my photos! If you will answer me I will write
you more about my hobbies and also will send more photos! Was very
nice to meet you, darling!!! I am waiting for the news from you...
Kisses... Katia.