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Hello, dear !

Thank you so much for your kind answer, I'm very happy to get your
news and I'm pleased to get to know you a little better. Also thanks a
lot for your amazing photo and I have to say that you are a very
handsome man. You've made a very good impression on me and of course I
will be more than happy to continue our communication and to get more
information about your life.

Ok, how are you? How was your day? And what did you do yesterday? As
for me - I did nothing special, I had just a normal day... But, there
were something magic in it... You know, yesterday, walking home I was
thinking of you and I had a feeling that you would write me. Now I've
got your reply and I'm really happy, I think my intuition is not so
bad, don't you agree? To tell you the truth, in these latter
days it's really hard to believe in something good or magic, because
life here, in my region started to be so dangerous, unpredictable. I'm
sure you've heard about the situation in Ukraine and of course it
doesn't make me happy, so, I think my intuition helps me not only to
predict something, but mostly to survive. Seriously, I do not want to
bother you with all these problems and to be honest - I'm already
tired to discuss this topic with everyone and everywhere. So, I think
now you should know just one thing - I'm safe and sound, and of course
I'll tell you more about myself as I promised:)

So, as you already know my name is Oksana, you can call me Ksusha if
you wish as mostly of my friends do so:) and I live in the east of
Ukraine. I live in a small town that calls Sverdlovsk which is in
Lugansk region. Have you ever been to my country? I have never been to
yours, but I would like to:) Won't you mind to be my guide when I come
to you?:) I'm 29 years old and I was born on the 11th of June, 1987.
I'm Twins if it makes a sense for you, but as for me - I don't believe
in astrology:) What about you? When is your birthday? So, as you've
understood I'm still single, actually, that is why I'm here and
writing to you:). Yes, I had serious relations and we even lived
together, but we were too different, there was no understanding
between us. I've understood that he is not the man I am ready to share
my life with as I can't rely on him at all. That is why we decided to
break up, but it was our common decision, not only mine, so, please,
don't get me wrong... So, I'm alone for almost 3 years and of
course I hope to find my second half in the nearest future, because I
think it's time to have a good family, maybe even kids, don't you
think so?:) And can you tell me about your future plans? Would you
like to become a loving dad?

To tell you, more about my family - I'm the only child in my
family, but I've never felt lonely and of course I wasn't raised like
an egoist. My parents gave me the best childhood I could ever dream
and I'm very thankful to them, they devoted their life to me
completely, do their best for me, but 7 years ago my father left us
and I'm sure that now he is in the Heaven. I believe he is my guardian
angel and I hope he will help me now as well:) I have only my beloved
mom and I'm the only person who can take care of her that I proudly
do. But we don't live together. She lives in a village that is not so
far from the town where I live and of course we visit each other from
time to time. I decided to move to the to town as I have a job
here it's more easier here to earn some money in order to survive.
What about your family? Do you have a big one? Do you have many

To tell you about my job - I work in our local trading company that
sales cosmetics. That means that I visit different shops, centers,
stores and trying to suggest and then to persuade their managers to
buy our goods. I can say it's not an easy job, but I like it and I
have to "move" all the time:) I think this my job helps me to stay in
a good shape, right? Do you like how I'm look like?:) And your job
also seems to be good, do you like it? Well, I think I should
stop here, because I don't want you to fall asleep while reading my
letter:) Please, feel free in writing and if you have any questions or
I miss something - ask, I'll answer with a great pleasure! I wish you
a very nice day and remember - I'm waiting for your reply with

Send you a tender kiss, Oksana