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Hello ! How are you today? I hope that you were happy to receive my
Letter, because when I receive your letters, I really was
admire. Thank you very much. I know English. I can
speak in English. I taught him at the university. How are you
Already know, I do not have a computer in my house and for this reason I
Write to you from my work. So sorry, if not so fast
Answered your letter. I work from Monday to Friday and very
Often on a Saturday. My working day starts at 8:00 and last until
17:00. Sometimes I work until 19.00. But it's not so simple, because my
The boss does not allow you to use your computer for private purposes. We have
Unlimited Internet access at work. I'm using a computer
Secretly write hello to you (when my boss is not in the office). the Internet
It's expensive for me to connect at home and I need to still buy
a computer. You probably thought that I earn little, that I can not
To allow a computer ?! I earn enough money to provide
Yourself. I now even save money on vacation. I want to go
Somewhere abroad - this is my big dream.
I do not have whatsapp or viber.
I can say with certainty that I adore traveling. I went
Across Russia, I saw Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg, Sochi. But I
Has never been to Europe and other countries. Now I'm working as usual
An accountant in a small firm. But, it's not difficult, I really love my
Work. My new colleagues are very good people. This is most important for
me. We very quickly found common interests. I have some
friends. But, now I have found you! I'm very happy and I will write now
everyday. I tried to find love and happiness here, but I
Felt a lie. We have a proverb in Russia: Better bitter
True, than a sweet lie. I think that you are a just man. I
rights? After all my stories you can think that everything is bad, but this
not this way. I probably already told you that my parents left me at
Orphanage. But, my childhood was not so difficult. I think so. Only
It was very lonely without parents. I had a lot of friends. I have
Was a very interesting childhood. When I became more adult ...
Then I had more difficulties. Not only me. I think you understand,
That it is difficult for a child to be lonely in this cruel world ...
But, most importantly, never let go of your hands. It is necessary to go the next level.
I realized this for a long time. Do not you think so? it
true! Now I have a good life, I have friends. Good
Job. It's rather good here. I have my own apartment not big.
I pay for it every month. I do everything myself at home: male and female
duties. I can hammer nails, carry heavy bags ....
By the way, I'm a very good plumber (plumber). Life taught me everything ...
I can only rely on myself. But, sometimes I so want to feel
Strong shoulder next to me ... Yes, I want a real man for
Creating a family. I have the most serious intentions. Very hard
Meet a decent man ... Unfortunately. Therefore, I am very happy,
That you met. For me it's a very pleasant communication with you. For me
Not so important is the age of the difference. These days I'm so impatient to wait
Your letter. It helps me to get distracted from everyone. It's like a sweet dream ...
This is a different world for me. Forgive me if my letter was
Sad, big and uninteresting for you. I just wanted to tell
You about my life. You should know about this. I promise you, do not write
There are more such letters. Now I must finish my letter. I
Anxious to await your reply. I also want to ask you: if you
Sometime in other countries? Is it important for you to be a national? I am waiting
your answer.
Your friend Lyudmila.