Scammer Elena Gorneva or Horneva Elena

Gorneva or Horneva
2 August 1981
+380668017544 , +380667745846

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Comment #134195
Few days before my arrival to Ukraine for business ,she informed me that her phone broke and she couldn't speak, but she could hear me talkig.... The same story that she have old phone without internet connection. Only emails through her work at the fitness center that she is working. Also, at the same period that her phone was suddenly broke , her boiler at home broke and she needed money ( $300) to fix it. And of course she had to ...sell her phone.. which one she didn't specified. When i was delayed with my answer for her "request for the money" , for some days , and of course after my refused to send her the money ( i told her that i gave her the money after some days , when i will arrive in Ukraine) , she was offended and stoped communicate with me through emails. Since then as i said , her phone broke down and she couldn't speak through her phone....
Comment #134244
too good to be true
Comment #134269
Not a surprise that she or whoever it is pops up again. The fact that ladies may sign up for free on all the dating sites is the root cause of the scamming problem. Even if you travel to the Ukraine and they do meet with you it is just about having a good time dining and so on. Most of them takes you to shopping centers and suggest jewelry, electronic equipment and so on. The agency are bluffing with their so called "confirmed" profiles and don't give a dam about the men paying for the service. This has became a tourist industry for poor countries like the Ukraine. Guys, just look at these agency; there bank accounts are in places where there is poor control or no control at all.