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I wake up and realized that I don\'t have to hurry anywhere.... i
wanted to wash my hair, make up my face, but i remembered, that i
don\'t need it... I no have job anymore and I no have any means for
life now... I don\'t know what to do now, really(((If only I was alone
I would live somehow or die!!But how can I refuse my granny ??? She
saw two wars!!!!She supported me so much!She gave me everything...And
I can\'t do anything for her now(((How can i let her down?? How??? She
is sick and she needs insulin , i will die if I lose her...I don\'t
know what to do... you are the one whom i can tell you all
this....Because if I will tell my granny about I am not working now,
she will not survive....

It is so hard for me now...But I think nothing happens for a reason..
We have to lose something to find something... And I see now, that I
lost my job, but I find you... I think it is really mystics.... Or
maybe it just had to be with me....Really, you became a part of my
life- very important part!And I am sure, that you will
always understand me and support me.

I need you now...more than are mine and i don\'t want to
lose you...And i am yours...yours flower Anny..
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he is using new e mail.

I am not good today ((my granny at hospital((I didn't sleep all
night..i have to save her...Please, honey.....i am sorry, but it is
bad news...I just will not fix all without you((( My dear! I'm sorry,
that you're so far away. I want to spend with you the rest of my life.
If you can help me a little money so I could buy myself elementary
products, and not see how my granny suffering(((
i need some money(((I am sorryi need to get international biometrik passport.

I really need you now((( I will be very grateful to you, honey((
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I knew her and I send her sick grandma 250 u s dollars...... She played innocent girl....
But... wanted money for hard life or something else.....
Scum definitely!!!
Comment #144475
Her full name Anna Butilkina.