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Hello dear, I'm very glad to receive your letter. I'm sorry that I can not write to you every day. Because I really would really like that. If I could, I would write to you more than once a day. And I was impatiently waiting for your answer. But it's very hard for me, because I have a hard working schedule.
I want to congratulate you on Easter. Today I watched TV and saw a report where I showed part of the Easter rite. Easter begins with us, on 16 April. In all churches there are rituals. Verba replaces in our country palm leaves, which paved the way for Christ, when he entered the city of Jerusalem. Because the willow is the only tree that is being dissolved by this time. It is customary to go to church with these willow branches. Then these branches are kept at home for a year, until the next willow resurrection. We believe that the branches of the willow are driven away and driven out of your home by evil spirits and demons.
In general, I know that there are some differences between our cultures. In our country, the culture was strongly influenced by the Byzantine church or the Orthodox Church. Most of the population here is Orthodox. And I, too, am Orthodox. I hope this is not a problem for you? Personally, I think that you can not condemn this or that faith, I do not consider anti-human beliefs. Because in fact, God is one, just people go to him on their own way. And this is their right.
It is our custom that during Easter, everything should be clean and not only in the house, but also in the district. After work helped my mother. I was very tired yesterday and I did not have the strength.
As for the Passover, we also believe that on this day Christ was born, but was born as a holy spirit. And it is believed that early in the morning he plays with the sun. And when in the morning, when the sun is just rising, people go out into the street (of course, who does not sleep at this time :)) and look at the sun. And when at this time you look at it, it seems that the sun seems to be jumping. And so they say that Christ plays with the sun. Perhaps this seems stupid to you ?! But I also went out to look at it, but only once. I wanted to look at this for many years, but I could not. Because I woke it up. And only last year I watched it all. It was very difficult for me to look at the sun, because it was very blind to my eyes, but it really seemed to me that the sun was jumping a little.
People say that every year it is different, once it's seen very well, but once almost noticeable.
My dear, I hope that you liked it! I really wanted to tell you about it. I hope that you will not find me crazy ?!
I will look forward to your next letter with impatience. I congratulate you on Easter. And I hope you have a great time.
Write me as there will be an opportunity. I will answer you as I will come from the village. My parents and I are going to the village to my grandmother. Celebrate Easter. Every year we go to my grandmother. We have a rest on Easter. As soon as I arrive, I'll write to you right away. I will arrive on Sunday or Monday morning. I will think about you. I hope you think about me :)
Best Regards Lilia.
Comment #134122
I'm very glad to receive your answer again! Thanks for this. Every your letter
Gives me more confidence in the development of our relations. This is very
makes me happy. I want to write more often, but I do not have such an opportunity.
Also I spend all my time at work
And with my family, so I do not spend time on the Internet and I'm not in social networks.
But in the future, if our communication develops,
Then I will specifically connect a new cellular operator for
So that we could not have an expensive conversation.
I hope that you are not angry about this and will continue to communicate with
me!?!? We need to get to know each other better. In this letter I want
Tell you about his city. You, too, tell me more about your
City! My city is called St. Petersburg. This is very
Big city. Through my city flows
Neva River. My city is beautiful. There are many parks, theaters, cafes. In summer everything
Blossoms, many flowers, trees, it's very beautiful. I can do a lot
Tell about the city, but I want to talk about our relationship. My
The city is very beautiful and beautiful, but there are not (very few) worthy
Men. Most men do not respect women at all. Russian men
Consider that a woman does not have the right to her own opinion, she does not have the right
nothing. They do not respect women in general. I want to be next to me
A man who respected my feelings, my opinion. What would he ask
my advice. And he did not insult me. That's why I went online
Agencies for dating. That's why I wrote to you. I think you
The kind of man I need. I wrote to my friend Anna. Anna
Met with her husband via the Internet. She went to France and
got married. This Anna advised me to go to this agency for
Dating. She now lives in France and is very happy. She to me
Said that foreign men are very different from the Russian. What do you
Respect women?!?! I think that Anna is right. I like it very much
Communicate with you. I feel that you are very good and outgoing
Man. I'm starting to feel the connection between us. I want to know you
better. I want to meet with you to get acquainted for real.
I'm 29 years old, I think it's time to start creating your own
Family. I've been accumulating money for a long time, and now it's enough for me
Would travel. I do not want to rush things. But what would you like to know?
And get to know each other, you need a personal meeting! We must meet
And communicate face to face. Of course I would really like to talk with you in Skype,
But there is no camera on my computer. I have the most common and simple computer.
Now in Russia, the economic crisis and everything is very expensive,
So I do not want to spend money on the camera, because I saved a long time
Time to travel and if we decide,
That I must come to you for a meeting, then I want everything to be enough for me.
I can come to you for this! What are you
Think about it? I can come to you for a while and if we
Love, I can stay. But if we do not want to, then I'll go back to
Comment #134187 The same letters are written by another bastard presenting Anna, I think there is another profile!!!Check the mailing address I'm coming out of Italy
Comment #134443

Hello, my future husband :) Hello my dear Krasi!
I'm in Moscow! After I got out of the bus I was on my way
Met Natalia agency manager. She is very good
Sociable. We were on our way to the agency and on the way stopped at a mobile shop
Phones. I've unveiled a new mobile operator to talk to you is not expensive.
Although I soon awaken to you and us
We will have plenty of time to learn from each other. My journey was not much
In pleasant. Three men traveled on the bus. They were drinking vodka, screaming,
Worry about cynicism, and even sing songs. This is terrible. I was sitting a long way from
But I was afraid. The bus driver starts making remarks about them. But they
They turned it into threats. I'm very puffy. I would like to make it happen to you
Near that moment. I would not be afraid of you. At one of the stops,
Were police officers. The driver stopped the bus. And these men
Removed from the bus. And we have already been driving without them. The rest of the
The road is safe. We have come to Moscow. About me
Greetings to Kossio and now I write to you from the Agency. In my agency
They said I had to tell the embassy. The Embassy will give me a visa
Without any problems. Tomorrow morning I'll go to the embassy. I armor
Airfare and a ticket to you !!! I'm happy. I am very, very, very happy.
I wake up to you !!! You are happy??? You are glad I am always
Make fast ??? I am smart??? Although it's too early to enjoy! But at the agency
Assured me that everything would go smoothly. And what can I get a visa and crawl up to
to you. I am completely happy! You woke me up yesterday, go to work,
I came from work and lie to sleep !!! And soon I will be in yours
Hug !!! This is a huge change in my life! I'm happy that
Greetings to you !!! I love you. I have to rest well today
Sleep enough. Tomorrow is a decisive day before our meeting! I will write to you
Tomorrow and say the time of my arrival! I'm happy!
Your Lilia.

Comment #134641
Лилия как така пиши на сичи едно шъщто моята бъдеща съпруга :) Здравеи скъпи ми Николай или Ники ! Се едно и същто срамота