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Hello my darling xxxxx,
Thanks big for Your letter the darling.
How are you doing? Greetings to You from my parents!
Why YOU so are far?
Bad weather directs me at grief...
I love You xxxxx and is assured of You and that YOU me are valid
You love also all Your words of love the Truth. The darling so it is bad, that we
Are divided by the greater distance... When we at last shall meet? I
I repeat this question constantly because I love You and I wish to know
Exact date of our meeting. Only ideas on our real meeting give
To me forces to not despair completely.
When YOU to me can precisely tell about our meeting? I do not have
opportunity to arrive to You without Your help... You heard, that
Russia the poor country and at us very small wages, now I receive 195
euro. That I receive all suffices only on meal and sometimes I try to
save on clothes, but it is rare. To me to have to carry some months
the same clothes, plus still it is necessary to pay for municipal
services and heating of an apartment, at us it leaves 85 euro in a
month. It is all the truth and a reality of a life in Russia. You can
all this learn. Though and on the TV show, that in Russia all varies,
but simple citizens live very poorly. In Russia richly and well there
live only gangsters and officials who sit in the government. To us to
teachers add a few wages, but the prices for products grow more
quickly and every year all to live worse. Here a reality in which we
live now in Russia. My mum already for a long time does not buy to
itself any clothes, its wages below what washing, my mum will receive
145 euro. I do not complain, that I was born in Russia simply I want,
that You darling have understood, a real situation in Russia. I
hope You me has understood. Here for these reasons I cannot arrive to
You and only on You depends there will be we in a reality or not. Here
that have told to me in Travel agency, I went there Yesterday, wann went
In city.
All-round price of a trip to you 910 euro.
1) the Passport for travel abroad 150 euro
2) On other documents it is necessary 335 euro. This sum includes:
- The visa 65 euro.
- Services of a travel company 150
- The medical insurance 120 euro.
3) Consular gathering 40 euro.
4) On tickets it is necessary to me approximately 385 euro.
What to me to do? I do not have such money... YOU will help me or not?
Favourite xxxxx, my love to You more increasing every day and me all
More it would be desirable to be with YOU, but the meeting depends on you. Now in
Your hands our general destiny! You understand it? Darling xxxxx, I
I trust You and I trust your words of love because itself I love You
Very strongly.
When we shall meet? When will pass painful days of expectation of our meeting?
Dear xxxxx, but words remain words, we already for a long time adult people
Also we live a reality. For a meeting real actions are necessary. I hope
YOU understand it? I wish to know the exact answer when we shall meet?
When You will solve it? I wait your exact and fair answer. You to me
You will help to arrive to You? You know, that I love the truth and I ask
You to write it. Answer me this question sincerely.
I love You and is assured, that You can make everything, that we
Have met. I once again repeat, that that now our general destiny in
Your hands darling xxxxx and only You will solve, that to us to do further.
I wait your fair answer and I hope, that you will write to me to the nearest
Time. I to see your letter as soon as possible because will suffice
Already to pull in due course, we should solve our main question.
There will be we in a reality or not? Answer me it. I wait!
I LOVE YOU xxxxxx!
Yours and only Your favourite