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Hello my new friend !
I was very pleased to see your answer, that means I'm interested!=)
when I saw your post I immediately cheered up!
I really want to meet you and get to know you more and more. you are very interesting to me!
I'm always a little embarrassed when people start talking about yourself. so if you something will be not clear you can ask again me.
I think we'll be able to find a common language and soon will become good friends!
my name is Ekaterina. I am 31 years old. my birthday is on April 19. now I live in city Kirov (Russia).
this town is located not far from Moscow, about 800 kilometers, you can look at my city through the Internet. this is a very beautiful city!
in my city there are many attractions, many historical monuments, theatres, entertainment centres and much more
I love going to the theatre! in childhood I dreamed of becoming an actress. do you love theatre?
now I will tell you about their appearance!=)
my height of 167 centimeters and weight of 53 kilos! I think that it is quite normal=))
I have blond hair and slightly dark skin. I think what you'll see in the photo which I will send to you.
I have no bad habits. I don't smoke or use drugs.
in the holidays I can afford to drink one glass of red wine or champagne!
every day I Wake up at 6:00 in order to run in the Park.
I can speak fluently in your native language.
but I'm still not quite well you know the language, so that it can be confused and write wrong.
I have no children. I'm not married. but I had a painful relationship with a guy my age
he smoked, drank, no where to work, and when he was drunk he could raise a hand to me and beat me!
after a breakup with a guy I decided that I would never try to have a relationship with a Russian man.
they are all creepy bastards.. that's why I registered in a foreign site Internet Dating!
I have no family, no sister, no brother, no parents, I grew up in an orphanage and not know who my parents are.
I always wanted what I had relatives, but fortunately I have a good friend who is like a sister to me.
I live in my own apartment with one room, I bought it on credit,
of course the place is small but for me enough is enough.
I have no Pets so as to take care of them I don't have time.
do you have Pets?
tell me what you do? where do you work?
tell me more about yourself if you had children and were you married?
I've never talked to a person from a different country, this is very interesting to me.
tell me where you live and certainly send me your photo.
on it I finish my letter and I with impatience wait for your following answer.
all the best to you ....