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First of all - thank you for your reply ! I was really
surprised, when I checked my mail box at the morning. I was so glad to
see and read your letter. New friends it's always great as for
me. Do you think the same?)

A little bit about me) My name is Zina (Zinaida) I born 14.04.1982
year in city with name Lutuhyne. Now I'm 35 years old) I studied in
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv 5 years and I got higher
education in the field of biology because my father is geologist and
he want me to continue his case) When I was studying i lived in Kiev
in a university dormitory) It's not expensive and really very funny.
But just only for the first time) After university I decided to come
back home and find work here, but I understood that I don't have a
wish to be a geologist and working in this way but I needed a work and
I decided to making manicure and pedicure services at home) I'm good
in it and clients who asked for manicure or pedicure after first
session always coming second time) I don't drink alcohol but sometimes
I prefer to to take 1 glass of wine on weekend with dinner) I jogging
every morning, to be fit and feel good myself) I like to watch
football and basketball) As you see I'm natural brunette with brown
eyes) My height is 168 centimeters , weight is 53 kilograms) I almost
forgot )))) As you see my English isn't perfect because I'm
using the Google translator. My father bought me a computer when I was
a student. Old PC, but I'm able to using Windows XP. Unfortunately I
can play only in default games, like solitaire and etc but I'm happy
because a lot of my friends still without computer)) It would be
better and easier get to know you closer by Skype, but unfortunately I
don't have so good internet connection to be able to organize video
conversation, you will be able only to hear my voice. In any case
modern web-cams impossible to connect to my computer because they have
different inputs. My is very old)

It would be great get to know your first impression about me?) And get
to know you closer) Tell me about yourself, what is your life story?
What you're looking for?) Write me back, I will be waiting for!)

Have a good day, my new friend) Nice to meet you ;)

from Zinaida)
Comment #134754
Hi dear !

Thank you for your reply) If talking honest, I started to feel myself
better because last time I felt myself very lonely and I'm happy to
have a friend like you) Thank you, for making smile on my face)

So I live with my mother now, in our own apartments. But soon my
father will come back home) He promised to come back until the end of
the spring. But I hope to leave this city in future because it's very
dangerous to stay here. I'm waiting when my father will come back and
we will start planing our future plans)

To make you smile again i send you a short video at home=) And I put
into this letter few my photos) One of them from my birthday party) In
red dress) By the way, it was a present of my father) I love him, he
know's what I like to wear) One photo with my best friend) Her name is
Vika) And the last - it's just selfie which I made in the dressing
room) I hope that you will like them all) And will send me your photos
too, because I always glad to see you;)

Tell me about your childhood. Have you been a tom-boy or a calm
child? Did you like to study or ran away from school? =) I may say i
have been a good child, but sometimes i ran away from some classes,
which were boring for me. But teachers knew where to find me - in
sport hall of school =) I always loved sport and i took part in all
the competitions, that's why teacher of physical training always
allowed me to play with other classes. I didn't like mathematics and
loved literature, but i can't say i studied bad. Middle student.)) And
what about you?)

Tell me all your thoughts and emotions! Do you still breath
after a picture? ;)) I can save your life by mouth-to-mouth ;) Send
you a virtual kiss for now! As about some other ways to connect, like
phone or some apps, I have some limited opportunities about this. I
don't have computer at home, and my mobile phone don't support any
apps (my smartphone had been broken :( ). I don't have any possibility
to buy it now, so I just can connect when i come to visit my friend
and write you e-mail.

With respect and with love Zinaida :3