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Hello my dear friend ! Glad to receive your letter! Do not be
angry that I did not write to you before. Your letter was accidentally
turned into "spam". I did not immediately notice! I hope you are not
offended? Unfortunately, I do not use the programs you are talking
about, But I will try to solve this problem! Thanks for the photo, I
really like it! How are you? What was the first thought of me? Yet I
am very pleased that I am interested in you. I do not know what and
how to write to you in return. Perhaps we should get to know each
other closer. As I have already said to me, 31 years. I'm not married.
But I need a decent man who can stand up for himself and his
girlfriend. I need a brave and determined man. I hope you're the right
person to rely on? My full name is Elena. (Friends call me short
"Lena") So my mom called me on the consent of my father. I really love
my family. If you are interested, in the next letter I will try to
tell you more. I have a good job. I have been working for a long time
and earning my living. I have very little free time and I have to work
seven days a week. I work for myself, I'm sewing women's clothes. In
this way, I can earn more money. Like any girl I want to look good and
allow myself a little whim. Sometimes I have to go to different cities
for materials, for sewing clothes. In my work it is important to have
quality material. I'll send you the photos that I did today at work.
Maybe you'll like it? Every day I wake up at 7 am and by 8 am going to
work. My Atelier is located near my house. In a few minutes I get to
work and do my favorite work. I sew clothes for my customers.
Basically it's women. (Haha! I smile). After a day at work, I have
another evening to relax and meet my friends. I am a very energetic
and cheerful girl. I have so many friends who wish me only happiness
in my personal life. It's good to have friends. They will always
support in a difficult moment. You have friends? Perhaps you'll wonder
why I'm still single or not married? For this reason I applied to a
marriage Internet agency. After all, we modern people and the Internet
expands our horizons. It seems to me that in this way we can be more
relaxed and easy to communicate. I am a modest person in life. And if
honestly a little shy, but waiting for your answer. I hope you will
help me to be simpler and more sociable. I do not cry about love at
first sight. Your answer is already important to me. But we'll see how
it will be. We can always stay friends. On this today, I will finish
the letter and wait for an answer tomorrow. I wish you a good mood. Do
not be bored and write me soon. I will be very glad! Tell me about
yourself and do not forget to send photos. I hope you're interested?
Your new and very humble friend Elena !!!
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She is scammer and use different email for your victim Elenka Lonely