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We met on RussianCupid and in first message she asked me my email
I was sure she was a scammer but I played with her a bit
Till I asked her her ID document, something she refused to send me
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This is her last email before I asked her ID document

Hello my dear xxxxxx! How is your day today? How is your mood?
I have some free time from my job and I decided to open my e-mail. I miss you terribly! It is not easy so simply for opening my soul. This will be probable most frankness my letter. I'm a little embarrassed to write to you about this feelings, but I do not want to keep it all inside. I want you to know that I started to feel lief and at the same time tender feelings for you and this feeling is growing every day with me. I hope I did not scare you with my frankness and you will understand me, that I could not tell you about it.
I sometimes think about what you do in this time. Sometimes I go to these crazy thoughts that I even hesitate to write to you about this in the letter. I think about love, I think about the possible future of our relationship - it is my sincere romantic dreams. I would write about their dreams, but I do not want that today.
Maybe I'll write to you about their dreams in the next letter. Just promise me you will not laugh at me, ok? and you think of me at least once a day, maybe two time? :-) I would like you to think of me sometimes, because the only way we can be closer. Our thoughts can become sooner or later a reality, but for this purpose it is necessary believe all heart.
If several weeks ago me have asked, believe you that you will soon meet the person of whom you will think day and night from which it will be pleasant to receive letters with whom will be so well to communicate. I think that I have begun to doubt in it, but in depth soul I have kept hope, that this person will appear in my a life. And we have met, and at us fine dialogue, mutual understanding. Unless it not the proof of that thoughts are capable to be materialised, unless it not a miracle.
You know, sometimes I ask myself why I went this unusual way to find my second half. Now I seem to understand it. In this world we play our roles, sometimes we try to be or seem that kind of person other people expect us to be. But deeply inside your heart there is a part that needs warmth, tenderness and care. I do want to be a woman who you can tell what you worry about, your needs and wishes. I'm so happy that I can feel open and trusting with you, write about my feelings and thoughts. Being able to trust your partner, feeling that spiritual closeness is the most important thing in relationships. Dear Daniele, I'm happy that we've found our way. What an incredibly lucky man am I to have you in my life!
I live in a city of Tolyatti, it is a good city. You can check up it ?? the Internet. I while do not have problems with the boss. I hope that all to be adjusted! Tomorrow there will be Easter, you have plans?
Well, this maybe I finish my letter and now with excitement I have to wait for your answer. I'm going to miss on you and you'll be in my thoughts every day.
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Her new e-mail:
Still on

I can give more photos if someone want. And i have save many e-mail from her.
Comment #147247
The woman Kseniya Scopina is a ticket and visa cheat and has been trusted for over 3 months and has stolen me by 3000 €. The baseness and playing with the emotions dominates you perfectly. I thought I had some knowledge of human nature, but this woman is washed with all the water. I have a picture of your ID Card. She should fly to Frankfurt today, the contact is quite by chance after she has received the 3000 € gone. It does not answer anymore and does not respond to any mail. I think you work in a scam team of several people. See the pictures with your girlfriends. This cheater belongs in the prison. This woman Kseniya Scopina has no honor and pride and enjoys playing with people's emotions.