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Turkey, UK

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I went on the dating website called Be2 and I was contacted by a woman called Kim and she proceeded to give me her email address and told me to contact her on that email. I then did so. We then began communicating via email and exchanged pictures of ourselves. Many of the pictures she sent me of herself were fraudulent pictures. She plays on my emotions and communicates in a very affectionate way on the emails. She has not asked me for money or for personal bank details. We have only been communicating for about one week.
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Hello Darling,
Good morning my dear. I woke up thinking about you and i thank God for having a man as yourself in my life to comfort and make me complete ,I am so pleased to read back from you.. Thanks for getting back to me, your mail has brought lots of smile to my face, knowing that there is some one that care so much about me and look keen to the letters that i take my time to write and he reads it so well and get back to me, you are such a darling and i am so pleased to have you in my life.. I just decided to let you know my intentions and expectations so you know if we're good together. I want someone who will make me happy at all time, someone who will care for me always, I mean someone who will bring joy to my face.I want a man that will sees himself as a wall, a protective force over his household. My previous relationship wasn't a very good one and I would not like that to repeat itself in my lifetime,that was why it took me so long before i decided to try something new again.

I am going to be completely honest,truthful,committed and transparent with you and i will never lie about my personality or anything. I was brought up in a Christian way and i have been thought about all the right and wrong,so when a man is cheating on me or playing games i always have the feeling,so i hope we develop this TRUST because that is going to be the basis of our relationship. I have never dated a man on the internet before i sincerely you're going to be the first and i hope and believe this is going to be a long lasting relationship. My dear Isaac, i saw the picture of your be2 profile that you sent to me, i am so proud to have you all to myself, i want you to know that i am no longer going to that site since i met you.. i dont want any thing to come between this lovely relationship that we are building, I love you so much and i wish we can spend the rest of our lives together as one.
Thanks for the research that you have made concerning my application of an Australia visa, I want you to know that i am a Nurse and i work with the World Health Organization and with Red Cross too, So, i have a unified passport that allows me to travel to any country of my choice based on my profession.. Coming to Australia is not going to be a problem to me as long as you will be ready to recieve me over there.. There is a flight agent that do help the organization body to book flight any where in the world, if you want their email contact i can go over to there office and get it for you, so you will ask them what ever you want to know on how i can be able to book my flight over to you.. I just cant wait to be in your as soon... Do you need the email of the Flight agent?

I dont have any work related issues or family issues at all. I just want to have a good life with my man and have a happy home with my kids too, I can see you love kids, how many kids you want if through we are together as couples?
Coming to meet with you will be my heart desires because i have waited all my life for this to come through, I can work when i get there, i know that the demand of nurses are high these days, we can save money for each other and plan a great future with each other..
I am almost through with my assignment here, i was thinking if it will be possible to meet with you in person..

So I will like an open-minded man, I mean someone who will let me know all he has, things he is doing, things he has done and things he will eventually do in the future because all this will keep us united and bound us together as one. Distance doesn't really matters in relationship but when we are close to our keyboards and internet, we are close to each other.You have caputured my heart in a way that i just can't imagine..
I will be looking forward to read back from you soon..
Kim cares xxooxxxx....
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Thanks for your response to my email. Your email makes my day.. I hope everything is going on fine with you. To be honest I have started developing some good feelings ever since we started exchanging emails. I'm the type that keeps to promises and rarely look back once I get committed. Please let me be rest assured that you would never let me down. Besides, I think there would be a need for us to cancel our membership on the dating site to avoid side attraction from anywhere. I dont want a relationship that is based on cheating, if you know that you have some other lady that you are chatting with or exchanging mails with on that dating site just let me know, so i would know where you are going to place me, Like i told you in my previous mail, i am not here for games.. I just want a serious minded man that i will love to spend the rest of my life with... I can see that you have made mention of your academic qualifications that you got, i know if we get to meet with each other, it will be so lovely and it my be my heart desires to be with you some day

I want us to build a relationship based on trust,understanding,commitment,sincerity,honestly,transparency,faithfulness,respect and true love,care and affection,there is no perfect relationship thou,but the ability for us to understand each others personality,differences and compatibilities is what makes us unique,i only want to love and be loved, and feel safe in my man's presence and even when we're not together.

I am looking for love,relationship (Mr Right) i dont know if its you ?But the kind of man am looking for must be very well responsible,honest,caring,lovely and open minded .The most important thing for me right now is to find a man that is honest,caring and God fearing as i have experience some kind of hurts in the past which i never pray to experience for the rest of my life and that is why i am kind of selective and careful when choosing a man i want to share my life with,my last relationship was full if pains that i couldn't continue but to end it if i really love my life,my ex boyfriend is just of my age mate but he never behaved matured during our dating period and everyday i complain to him about his affairs with other women but he wouldn't listen until that faithful day i walked into his apartment and found him making love with another woman and he never noticed me when i entered until i called his name and i fainted,later i woke up at the hospital and ever since i never laid my eyes on him because he never came back to check on me at the hospital and all i got from him was a text message on my phone that he was tired of my complain and he is not ready to settle down and we should quit and i cried alot that i couldnt leave the hospital for a week so ever since then i have always been very careful and i hope you understand and you are not like that because he is a pig,Well after all this i have decided to be very careful about giving my heart to a man that won't appreciate me.. I am so pleased with all that you have said in your last mail you just sent to me.. I loved it all and it has captured my heart in way that i could not execpt.. Knowing that you have not dated before, i could say i am the luckiset woman on earth to have such a wounderful man like you in my life.. I wish this relationship will last forever because i see my future husband in you,, Only God knows...
I still keep blessing God for the sound health recovering that He has showed you.. I thank Him for bringing you back to life..

You should be able to ask me any question you think you want to know about me and I will answer with complete honesty. If you are really serious and determined about establishing a relationship with me I would simply want you to get your membership canceled on the dating site so we can both feel more secured and safe. I would have to stop here for now my dear. I want us to build a relationship that will be based on mutual trust and understanding. I'm going to believe and trust you completely and i want you to reciprocate the feeling.

Hope hear from you real soon!Have a nice day my Dearest..
Kim xxoooxxxx..