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Hello xxxxx! Well, today I again read your letter.

You can't even
imagine how happy I am that we start a very interesting correspondence
and learn more about each other with each new letter! And I didn't
even noticed how bad the weather today in Kiknur.

Thanks to your
letters my mood is always good and I do not look at the bad weather.
We have really bad weather, but reading your letter my sense of joy
gives me a great mood and again a smile on my face. Gives me great
pleasure to read every letter from you! I love to talk to you and to
know you much better. In the morning I woke up thinking if you wrote
to me today? And of course you wrote, for which I'm so grateful to
you! My wish came true again! And again I come to the internet cafe to
read it! How was your day? Tell me some more about it! How early do
you wake up in the morning to go to work? What are you doing tonight?
I'd like to know about it and I think that you're very conscientious
and responsible man in everything! And in your spare time you just
relax and spend time with loved ones. It will be interesting to know
every moment of your life. xxxxx, you asked what I prefer - dogs or
cats. I prefer cats, but I had a dog before. And now I'll tell you a
little about myself - I wake up 6:30 in the morning usually and
immediately go to the shower. I take a shower, dry hair and go to the
kitchen to cook some breakfast. I spend about 30 minutes for
breakfast. After I had breakfast, I'm going to work. I usually go to
work on foot. Each walk helps to purchase a charge of vivacity, and
not to be sad at work with customers. Especially, when it's cool
weather. And if I'm going on foot, I do not want to sleep. Twenty
minute walk and I am full of energy and good mood! Even if I had a
car, I still will go to work on foot. Because if every day sit behind
the wheel and not move, people can begin to gain weight and feel bad.
But I don't have a car, I even don't have a driver's license. At work
I have a lunch break during which I go to the internet cafe to read
your letter and write a reply. I just do not have time to visit the
internet cafe after work. Sometimes I feel big fatigue after work.
Especially before the holidays, when our hair salon has many people
who want to get gorgeous hairstyles before the holidays. I do
hairstyles for both men and women. But I love my job, and many people
are grateful to me! Sometimes I meet with my friends and go to the
cafe. I love talking with them on a variety of topics and just talk.
We help each other constantly! If anyone of my girl friends has a
problem, then we discuss it together and recommend the right decision
to. It's good, I think. Also my favorite pastime is reading! It
doesn't matter if it's a book or a magazine, I just love to read! I
read newspapers, various fashion magazines and novels by famous
writers like Aleksandra Marinina, etc. But most of all I love to read
romance novels! It's very beautiful and romantic! Sometimes I go to
visit my grandmother, about once a two or three weeks. She lives far
away from me, about 100 kilometers! And I'm going to visit her and
bring some presents. Also I help her in the house, cooking and and
wash her clothes. I hope you're interested in reading what I write. I
just want to tell much more about myself and my life. I told you that
I want to build a serious relationship, so I want you to know all
about me and my life. I, like any girl, want to find a good and loving
man. Honest and understanding man, with good and big heart. With a
cheerful mood and positive qualities! I don't pay attention if he
smokes or not! Nevertheless, good health also plays a role! Man must
be a real man, who will always be able to protect his woman and
support her when she has difficulty or she just in a bad mood. A real
man must to be kind, sociable, gentle and caring to his girlfriend! A
bit of humor, of course. In addition, support for the girl must be
constant, desire to be together forever! Of course the natural beauty
is good, but not so important. The main thing for me is to feel the
love of my man! My man must love me, trust me, respect me. And then,
of course, I will reciprocate. That is my idea of ??the perfect man! I
would like to have a serious relationship with this man! What do you
think, do you fit that description? I met with you not so long ago,
but I feel that you're nice man! I would like to get to know you much
better! I hope we will get to know each other better and better with
each new letter. Can you tell what is an ideal woman in your view? I
really like to know it! And now I have to finish this letter. I think
today I wrote a lot about myself, now it's your turn :-) I hope you
liked my letter and you'll not forget to answer my questions. I hope
you were interested to read it and I'll be waiting for your new letter
tomorrow! Please write me more about you!!! I wish you good day!

bye! Natalya!