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Scamming scenario: Translation scam, fake agency, correspondance fees.

Dear zzzz,

as usually I am in the agency and I am very glad to see your letter again.

I came to the agency for a couple of minutes because I am in desperate.

I am not OK because I haven't got any slightest idea what to do. You know well that I don't like to complain but life is a life.

A beauty saloon where I work will be closed and it means that I lose my job. My manager is a bankrupt now because the financial crisis reached us too. This situation is normal in our country now.

Of course I am not going to die because I never give up and I will find a solution of this problem.

There is one unpleasant thing in it: I will not be able to pay for our next letters and I don't want to lose you and to interrupt our relationships.

I do hope that you understand that it will be difficult for me to survive for some time.

If I pay for our correspondence, I will not be able even to buy some food for me now. I know it is impossibly for you to understand it. It will be necessary to born in Ukraine to understand our reality.

I am alone here as you know, my parents are far from me and I know that they are waiting for my help. I can't come back home and confess my bad fortune.Just understand that I promised to my parents to help and support them and they rely on me.

I know that probably in a some time I will be able to change something, but not now.

I am not going to deceive you and I am not interesting in you money. I am interesting in you.

We know each other not for a long time and you do not know me well. But I am sure that if we stay in touch, you will see that my words are sincere.I am sure that the trust is a basement of future relations.

Frankly speaking, I am very disappointed about such situation because I have never asked for money. My parents taught me to achieve my aim by myself and it was a good lesson for me.

Well, I can't insist on your help to me and frankly speaking I am not sure that you will do that,but like a little babe I want to believe in miracle.

I am sure that each woman wants to feel a care about her and first of all she wants to be with a serious and reliable man.

Dear Sir,

we are the representatives of the translating agency


We work legally and we were registered at 31.08.98.

Our registration number is #7/1786/108 AK

Our address is Ukraine,Kremennaya,Red Square, 18/35.

Our Internet address is [email protected]

We are not a marriage agency, we provide different kinds of translation:

- translation letters from Russian into English and from English into Russian

- oral translations

- business letters

- business conversation.

Our client Ekaterina Kuwychko turned to our agency and we helped her

with the translation of your correspondence.

Unfortunately she isn't able to pay for your correspondence anymore and she

she is not able to write her letter to you because of this reason.

We are not interested in a fraudulent operations and we earn money in an honest way.

We appreciate our clients and we try to help them as we can.

Dear Sir, if you want to continuation your correspondence

with Ekaterina Kuwychko,you can help your lady with the payment for our service.

If you are interested, we will send you all the necessary information about it.

We do hope for the future cooperation.

Sincerely yours , 'Sunrise'.

Dear Sir,

we are the representatives of the translating agency 'Sunrise'.

Our Internet address is [email protected]

We have got a big experience in the sphere of translations and our staff is skilled and professional.

We will try to do the best to make the communication with your lady pleasant and correct.

and we will be very glad to inform you about the details of our service:

* translation and printing of one letter - $7

* scanning of one photo- $3

Also we have devised a system of discounts for our clients.

We provide the unlimited service.

It means that you can exchange with unlimited number of the letters

and photos with your lady and it will be cheaper for you.

One month of the unlimited correspondence costs $230.

Two months of the unlimited correspondence cost $370.

Also you may pay just a part of the translation costs, if

you are not sure in your intentions or it is more conveniently

for you.

At any rate your lady will be able to fill her account and give

her reply to you.

Terms of payment:


* transfer your money via the Western Union system in USA dollars.

The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Lugansk Bank Aval.

You have:

* to send your money on the name of your Lady Ekaterina Kuwychko.

* to inform us of the date of transfer, the money transfer control

number (send an e-mail with information)

We wish you to have firm relations with your lady.

Hope for our future cooperation.

With the best wishes,