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Hi ! I was pleasantly surprised when you answered the letter,
thank you. Probably I managed to intrigue you? What was your first
impression of me? :) unfortunately I do not use WhatsApp or
Viber applications! As you can see, I am as you are a human being. I
live in Russia. My town is called Saransk, most likely you ever I
heard of him? Quite a modern and beautiful city. But all my life I
have lived in the Ukraine, in the city of Donetsk. I think you heard
what's going on in the south-east of Ukraine? It so happened that,
when the war began on territory of my country, my parents were in
their home country, and I was sent to Russia. When I had the
opportunity to leave the war area, I did not even ask questions. We
escaped with my friend as a refugee in Russia. I received a Russian
passport. Here I take an apartment for rent! But I think you will
interested to know about me? If you are ever going to Russia, I am
pleased to I show you their city. :) I'll tell you a little about
myself. Honestly, I do not I know where to start. Actually I do not
have much experience of Internet communication with the men,
especially from other countries. Especially in our time are many
deceivers. I do not think you such!? :) But I would be interested to
talk with you. I know, you ask me how much I am, whether I'm married,
etc. So I'll tell you herself. :) To be honest, I do not like to say
how old I am. As a girl, I was confused. But if we want to move to a
closer dialogue, you should also start with mutual understanding and
truth. Do you agree with me? I am 35 years old and not married, I have
no children. But, of course, like any woman, I I dream about a simple
human happiness. I work as a sales representative! Engaged juices, my
They include obligations include provisions for supermarket shelves of
our products. I mean, I put on a good display window juice. It's not
the best job in the world, but I am glad that I have, and this work. I
have enough food and clothing, and I do not complaining. I try to live
and spinning like a squirrel in a cage. :) I work for myself and I do
not consider that to be dependent on men, I think, it does not matter.
I think the main thing is to be with a man who loves you and thus
takes as it is. The main thing that it was mutual! I also wonder what
We get out of our communication. This is new to me. I think that our
acquaintance will us a lot of new positive emotions. It would be nice
to know if I have a will a good friend like you. You're going to be
friends with me? ;) I will finish my letter and I hope that Soon you
will answer me. I want to know more about you. I'm attaching some
photos for memory. I do not say goodbye to you. I say goodbye!